Friday, July 2, 2010

Still Home From Yellowstone

No, I haven't changed my mind.  No, I haven't been lying awake at night thinking about bison poo and geysers.  No, I'm not heading back to Yellowstone now, tomorrow or even in the next decade.

I've been reflecting on the last two months, trying to work up some nostalgia or an emotional moment, but it ain't gonna happen.

This is my back deck.

We have five acres of woods.

There are no dangerous creatures lurking out there, unless you count our neighbor who plays opera while he works in his yard.

I don't have to worry about falling through the crust into bubbling lava.
This is my little wilderness.

There are no lodge pole pines in this back yard.

No drunken employees.

No RV's rumbling down the road by my bedroom window.

Wow, I'm using a lot of no's.

I'll be more positive.
I'm positive this is what I want to see in my front yard when I walk out the door.

Is that better?

Yellowstone is a wondrous, exciting, and fascinating National Park.  Everyone should try to visit.

VISIT is the key word.

Working and living there...not so great...for me anyway.

I met some great people, I took some beautiful hikes (before the mosquitoes arrived) and I saw more of the Park than most people. 

I also stood on my feet eight hours a day, five days a week, wearing a maroon polyester shirt and black pants...all for minimum wage.  Oh yes, room and board was deducted from my salary. 

I knew that going in, but the reality hit when I got my first paycheck.  It suddenly occurred to me that I was working pretty hard for $100 a week. 

It was time to head home to be with hubby again.  He has been a great support during this experience.  He let me follow my bliss all the way to Yellowstone Park and back home again.

I clicked my heels together and there he was.

I will continue writing.  Just you wait and see.

Thanks for following and stay tuned for more adventures in my back yard.


Betty said...

My parents took me to Yellowstone when I was a child and we stayed at the Old Faithful Inn. I don't think I'd like working there, either. But, it's a beautiful place. Thanks for all the photos.

David Barnes said...

I'm skeptical of the whole operation going on these national parks. But, I'm glad you came out and I got to meet you and your husband! Happy Fourth of July!

POD said...

Gorgeous backyard! I have a similar view. Canyons, redwoods, the ocean off in the distance. I feel totally blessed. I visited Yellowstone just a few years ago and was in awe. Though I am in awe daily right where I am.

What do they say about clicking your heels 3 times, Dorothy? Welcome home.

It's Time to Live said...

I love to visit YS in the spring and again in the fall. Great place to visit, great place to photograph. We love the Tetons as well and spend lots of time where the other people do not visit ;). Have a great winter.

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