Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Author in Yellowstone Park

This is the only big news from Yellowstone Park today.

C.J. Box, who has written a series of mysteries, was at the Old Faithful Inn signing copies of his new book, "Nowhere to Run."

I got a close up personal moment with him.  The other women didn't, so I was quite smug.

I bought his new book which cost me a day's pay, but it's signed which is special.

Check out my cute cowboy at his website,  I firmly, absolutely, totally believe in supporting authors.  Writing is tough work.

I worked the mid shift, 9-6:30 which pretty much guarantees your day is shot.  Tomorrow I work from 7-3 and the day after I work 6:15-2:30.  And then, on Saturday, it's off to Bozeman to pick up hubby at the airport.

I'm so excited that I can barely sit still.  I get to spend a couple of nights in hotels that have hot running water.  I can get a hair cut.  I can go to Walmart. Wait...let me clarify...

Really, truly and sincerely, hubby dearest, I am excited about seeing you, but all that other stuff just pushes me over the edge.  Hot water! 

It will be like Christmas in June or getting out of boot camp or living like a civilized human being again.

I'm all aflutter. 

It was more of this today.

Cold, wet weather.

Nothing happening.

So, how about some more YouTube?

Why doesn't something like that happen when I'm around?

Did the bison just want to get to his favorite scratching, rolling place?

Why are people still standing around after this little spectacle?

It would just make my day if I saw bison gone wild.  From a safe distance of course.

So from Old Faithful, where we are all lost in time and space...good night for now.  Something is bound to happen tomorrow.

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darlin said...

I'm so disappointed, I thought that the cowboy would have an accent but he's still cute, lucky you!

What is wrong with people, running right in front of that buffalo when he's obviously not in a good mood. I guess that some of us treasure our lives more then others do.

Wow, down to a few more sleeps and WALMART be warned, Judy's coming shopping! :-)

Have a great day at work and I hope that something more exciting transpires... more exciting than getting a photo with a handsome author and buying a signed copy of a novel. Ya, add me to the list of jealous ladies! :-)

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