Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're Not in Yellowstone Toto!

Today was the big day.  I left the imaginary world of Yellowstone Park and traveled to Bozeman to pick up hubby.  I think of Yellowstone as imaginary because the business end of it only exists for a few months out of the year and disappears like a slightly disturbing, somewhat pleasant dream.

I left early so that I could get a much needed haircut, shop and lounge in our motel room which is twice the size of the room I have been living in  for two months.  Returning to my house should send me into total shock.

The first thing I did when I hit the Holiday Inn was check out the bathroom.  It was a long trip.

Not bad.  It doesn't smell moldy like the one in my Yellowstone dorm.

I remember how this works.

You get two beds in a motel room.  Big beds with lots of pillows.

If hubby plays his cards right, we'll only need one bed.

And this is a..........what do you call it in your country?

A box with talking pictures?

Oh yeah.  It's a television.

I approached it with reverence as you can see in the mirror.  I needed to record an image of it before I touched the remote.

There are strange things going on outside here too.

Bozeman has flowers!  These are lilac bushes outside the motel.

I smelled something familiar and realized that this place has grass.

I wanted to just roll around on it.

I know.  I should have at least taken my shoes off and wiggled my toes.

Probably do that later.

Even though the familiar things of my back home world are here, the mountains remind me that I am still out west.

I think I could live here.

Bozeman has Walmart, Target, Border Books, Old Navy...all the good material stuff and yet nature dominates the scenery.

It's always strange leaving Yellowstone.  We are pretty basic there.  Our clothes don't match.  We wear hiking shoes.  We go to breakfast with bed head.  We walk to work with bison and try to avoid their poo.

Even in Walmart, I felt like a mountain woman coming into town to buy provisions. I'll have to remember to dress a little better when I get home.

Nah.  I'm comfortable being a mountain woman.  Things may not change.  Sorry hubby.

I promise pics of hubby getting off the plane, but since he won't be in for a few hours yet, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

I have plans to take a looooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg hot shower.  And no, there will be no pics of that.

Until tomorrow, remember....don't take your shower for granted. 


darlin said...

Right on Judy, the day finally arrived and freedom at last! Good job sticking it out for as long as you did,it's hard to believe that the time went so fast. Well it did for me sitting here on this end!

Enjoy the time with your hubby and have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

You fruity lady. Man, that motel room is nicer than my APARTMENT! :) I only have one bed.

A Write Life said...

Ha! Bozeman the big city. How funny. Glad you are enjoying the hotel.

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