Sunday, June 6, 2010

Contest time in Yellowstone Park: Poo for You

Surprise, surprise!  It rained again today in Yellowstone Park.

I went for a walk around the Old Faithful Geyser Basin in between downpours. 

I noticed that there were some new trees down.

It would seem that the roots are very shallow as there isn't any real dirt here, just obsidian.  The wind blows, the ground is wet and thar she goes.

I know how these trees feel.  My roots are pretty shallow and damp at the moment.

No one warned me that May in Yellowstone is Winter, June is Spring and about the time I leave, Summer arrives. 

I did manage to see a few more geysers...

This is Grotto Geyser...
This is the Morning Glory Pool.

There is a sad story here.

The colors are fading because people are throwing items into it.

The pool is at the end of a path and not many people walk far enough to see it.

I guess that gives them the idea that throwing coins or rocks into it is acceptable. 

Sigh.  Humans are disgusting creatures at times.

Since I couldn't dig up much trouble today, I decided it was time to run my contest for the bison poo Christmas ornament.

Do I sense some excitement?

Let me read you the description on the back.  Ahem.

"Buffalo Poop Holiday Ornament"
This ornament is molded with real buffalo dung paper pulp, hand-decorated with two authentic "Jingle-Berries"and adorned with yarn made from real bison hair.  The defecation decoration.

Want to visit the web site?

Isn't that adorable?  Dung and dunger.  Wish I had thought of that.

There is a runner-up prize.

A magnetic book mark with Old Faithful on it.

I'm sure you all want the ornament, but someone has to be a runner-up.

Here's the deal.  In the comments section, tell me why you deserve the buffalo poop ornament and reassure me that it will have a valued spot on your tree.

After I pick the grand prize winner, the rest of your names will go in a hat and I will draw for the book mark.

You have until Wednesday midnight to convince me that this ornament will go to a good home.

And nut know who you don't have to enter cause I'm bringing you one anyway.

Let me know you're out there.  I know you're reading even if you don't comment.  I have telepathic powers. And I do want to hear from you.  It gets lonely here in the wilderness.

Time to wring out my clothes and brush the mildew off my shoes.  Ta ta for now.


Scott said...

Well I certainly don't deserve the bison poop Christmas ornament, since I haven't even put up a regular Christmas tree the past couple years, so it would probably just end up in the box with the rest of the old Christmas Tree ornaments and probably in a plastic bag so that it didn't pollute the other ornaments, but thanks for holding the contest anyway.

Anonymous said...

PICK ME, PICK ME!!! Just kidding Judy. You're not gonna believe this, but I kinda miss Yellowstone! Well, parts of it. Please tell Tina I said hello ( and Stan the German guy). Keep on blogging. I can't end my day now without reading the adventures of your day. I am putting thought into what you should blog about when you leave. Until then, stay safe and stay dry. Miss ya, Susan

Judy said...

Susan...isn't it weird how this place can get under your skin? I'm feeling sad about leaving even though my room mate is snoring right now and it's rained for a month. I will keep blogging and miss you too.
Scott...You better hope other people respond or you get the poo. Or at least the runner up prize. We'll see.

Kara said...

Hi Judy,
I found your blog through a Google Alert I'd set for anyone mentioning Dung & Dunger. My husband, Dan, and his partner, Victor, own Dung & Dunger and I wanted to thank you for mentioning the company. Obviously I don't need the ornament but just to entice your readers I wanted to let you know that Dung & Dunger Bison Dung Art Studio will be featured on Dirty Jobs this fall. What a conversation piece on your tree! Good luck to all on getting a piece of soon-to-be-famous art!

Anonymous said...

O.K. now I want the Bison poo. I can show and tell while watching Dirty Jobs.

Should I send a raft or life jacket?


Anonymous said...

Now see, I would love that bison dung ornament. It's a conversation starter and really, my tree is so pitiful it needs a redeeming factor, even one that was potentially stinky at some point. Plus, let's face it, most of everything that I write about is sh...uh...dung, therefore, it would be like coming home. For the ornament. Plus it's shiny. I like shiny. It's distracting. Sometimes shiny makes me forget everything and I can't even finish a se

Judy said...

Getting some good reasons for wanting the pooh!

Jenny said...

I should win the bison poo ornament. I decorate the tree each year, each year has another ornament from my child. Its great to look at. However what would make everyone stop and admire would be the "poo" ornament. Of course, some would say, "is that dog poo" and then .. great conversation would start up about poo and how I won the golden prize of the Bison Poo Ornament.

Anonymous said...

from Linda...thank you for delivering the hug to Karen - you two rock!

10 Good Reasons to Have a Bison Poo Ornament
#10: I've never seen Bison poo in all my life!
#9: I dunno know, but, really - is it scented for the season?
#8: Is there a satisfaction guaranteed?
#7: My ornament theme is Santa - will a poo ornament look out of place?
#6: Uhmm - what will my friends think when they see it?
#5: Do Bisons poo in holiday colors?
#4: If I win the ornament will I have to go on Oprah?
#3: Do I need to travel to Yellowstone in winter time to pick it up or can it just travel to VA with Karen?
#2: I've never typed this much text @ anytime on my iTouch
#1: I will never know the answers to the above questions unless I win and therefore I may need to become employed @ Yellowstone 'cause I
will definitely fit in!

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