Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yellowstone Quarter Day

I got nuthin' again today, friends.  Yellowstone Park is not cooperating with my schedule. 

But wait!

I found a pile of bison poo with a pen stuck in it.

Someone who thinks like me must have passed by.

And we  will never meet.


It continues to rain and I continue to work.

Because of the rain, the Yellowstone quarter ceremony was held in the employee recreation building, and I missed it all.

But I didn't miss the honor of telling 4,352 people where the ceremony was being held.


Those greedy, eBay fanatics, future Hoarders stars, swarmed all over the place and lugged baskets of the quarters home with them.

I could care less than less, but my friend Ken entrusted me with $10 to get him some quarters and the hubby wanted a roll and bleah again.

Rumor has it that employees can buy some tomorrow, but I work at 6:15 a.m.  I will give it the good old Yellowstone try.

Made a disturbing discovery today. 

If you are a woman over 50, you might want to skip this part.

Young people can't tell us apart. 

Really.  Cross my heart bra, really.

I work with Rose at the front desk of the Old Faithful Inn.  She's petite, perky, blond, cute, and has a killer Tennessee twang.  I am NOT petite, NOT perky, NOT blond and definitely don't have a southern accent. 

I left out cute.  I'm not that either.

But the young guests think we're the same person.

Another case in point.  Always wanted to use that phrase.  What does it really mean, anyway?

Going through the cafeteria line tonight, one of the young servers looked at me, and said "Debbie!" 

Sadly, I knew who she meant.  At least Debbie is my height, wears glasses and could sort of kinda look like me. 

We are gradually fading into the background.

We are the Cheshire Cat's smile. 

Just another senior citizen tottering down the highway of life.

Stop me now.

Might as well pack it up for now.  Roomy had a screaming night terror again last night.  Maybe that's it for another few days.  Pray for me.

My nerves are shot. 

There are deep pools here....a person could slip....


GaryO said...

Hey Judy,

For you or any of your readers who missed the quarter release event at Yellowstone National Park, the United States Mint has a great site with plenty of additional info about the new coin. Check it out at:

Scott said...

Don't feel too bad I sometimes wonder if they can tell the men from the women. Don't take offense, it's their problem not ours and I kind of feel the same way about them. My jaws always hurt from laughing after I visit your blog.

Judy said...

Scott...thanks for the comments. There are many young he/she's working here. If you have to look twice to figure out which they are, you have a problem.

darlin said...

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get." Now why I just typed that in I don't have a clue... cause I could? lol

Ya, I don't get the heads turning anymore, I don't fit into my size 3 jeans, I have to sleep at least 5 hours a night or I get grumpy, and the list goes on. The good thing is I love who I am and the life lessons have taught me to not give a damn what others think of me or who they think I am... I'm still okay, I know who I am because I'm not that old YET!

That roomie sounds like she needs some serious help, you're not psychoanalyzing her yet? Give her my email, it sounds like an awesome practice case! hehe

K enough from the peanut gallery for one night, I'm behind in homework which is due today, yikes I have about 5 hours of work and only one hour to type it all up in and send it out... oops!

Hope you get your quarters and have a great weekend.

See hubby what a gem she is, she's even going to try to get you your quarters! Now if that's not true love I don't know what is! :-)

Adele said...

Great post. LOL funny. My mom used to tell me, after we moved her to Bozeman, that she felt invisible walking down the street. She said it was like younger people didn't even see her. I never believed her. I do now.

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