Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest Blogging in Yellowstone

First of all my faithful, friendly, flighty friends (I love alliteration) you need to check out my guest blog at http://www.somewhinewithcheese.com/.  Oh, alright, let me explain for those of you who aren't in the exclusive blogging community.


Occasionally, bloggers of great taste ask other bloggers of great taste to do a guest post, so that they can take a holiday from the grueling world of posting every day.

So Laurnie, of  "Some Whine With Cheese," wisely asked me to guest post for her, which I did.  Check it out and seriously, become one of Laurnie's followers as she has a quality blog.  Actually, she has a ton of followers, so if you want to spend more time on my blog, I wouldn't complain.

This message is for hubby, but the rest of you can listen if you want.  Hubby....ahhhh.....shuffle, shuffle, I sort of said some bad, or sort of bad, things about you on my guest blog.  I implied that you are a control freak, which sounds like I'm complaining, and actually, being in control isn't bad, and you're so cute when you think you're in control, cause no one really has control, but it's o.k. cause I'm sort of used to it and I'm not plotting anymore how to hide your body in the woods, so if I hurt your feelings you know that I was just trying to be funny and went too far, and really, being in control is good, not in control of me of course, but in control of the car and yourself and things like that, and maybe I'll just shut up now.

I'm sorry and can I still come home?

Now, for some Yellowstone Park information, since Yellowstone is supposed to be my topic.  It didn't rain today!  When I went out this morning, it was foggy.  So foggy, that when Old Faithful erupted, this is how it looked.

I could hear it, sort of like waves on the beach.

Everything looked different in the fog.

I was just hoping that the bison and bears weren't using the fog as a cover to leap out at me.

I felt quite brave, but in reality my head was darting back and forth, imagining all kinds of danger lurking out there.

A Western Blue Bird, posed for me, which I thought was sweet.

So I took several pictures for his portfolio.

Which do you think is his best side?

Remember, the big contest is over Wednesday night.  Don't miss out on your chance to win a bison poo Christmas ornament.  Just tell me why you have to have it.  Come on....you know you want it.  Don't let good taste get in your way.  It's never stopped me.

I even got a comment from the people at http://www.dunganddunger.net/ who make the bison poo items.  They are going to be in Yellowstone this summer displaying some of their finer works of art. 

You all should do your Christmas shopping with them this year.  Don't you want your gifts to be memorable?  Cousin Harvey won't re-gift them to Cousin Marvin cause word gets around about unique items like this.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to my friend Jacqueline, and there will be some mystery bird pictures.  A bird actually scared me silly, but more about that later.  Until then, remember who loves you.


darlin said...

Hi Judy, I'm finally visiting, reading and commenting. WHEW it's taken some doing but here I am nonetheless.

That fog looks eerie, I don't think that I'd want to be out there, you're a brave lady.

Now I'm so curious as to what you said on the guest blog. It must have been good for you to go into such an in depth apology. I am curious if your posts will be from Yellowstone for the rest of your days. I don't mean to worry you none, but I just thought that I'd mention that maybe you'd best start switching over your bank account and such. Hey, I'd want a heads up if was reversed! lol

Love the Western Blue Bird, I like both shots. In the first one he looks kind of like a creepy Blue Bird and the second shot I really appreciate the color of this bird. The person who named this species of bird sure didn't have much imagination though, for such a majestic looking bird to only call it a Blue Bird, seriously now! Why not King Western Blue Bird? That is so much more creative! It's late, I know lame sense of humor at 1:11 am but what the heck, a lame sense of humor is better than no sense of humor in my humble opinion.

Have a wonderful day Judy, thanks for my Tuesday night, early Wed. morning, entertainment!

Jenny said...

After I read your apology, I immediately called Mike and told him how sweet the apology was. I put in some good words for you so you should be able to come home. You may need to un-post it in case Mike uses it as black mail. Hey, you never know! LOL read, it was great!!!

Mike said...

Hi Judy. I can't figure out how to read your guest blog on that site, so I cannot accept your apology without reading what you said about me. Can you come home? Well, sure because I know your track record: you kicked an earlier husband out of HIS house and made him give it to you. Don't mess with Judy. And remember after I met you on match.com and you were teaching at the University of Dayton and invited me to your class, you threatened my life in front of your students-I have 35 witnesses, don't you know? Might make a good mini-series. Opening a store at Peddlers Mart in Cincinnati 8/1 and resurrecting Palm Springs Scrubs in Palm Springs Sept 1. See you soon. Love you, the Mikey (a.k.a. the Hubby)

POD said...

I love witnessing other people's drama from a distance away. I checked out Dung and Dunger but i was thinking less of wall art and more poo type shapes. The imagination runs wild though.

I'm going to check out your guest post and see what an MSW does when she's trying to bad mouth her husband.

Pat said...

We saw the fog on the webcam and it did look quite eerie. You got some excellent shots of it, too. Well done.

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