Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yellowstone Poo Winners Announced

And the winner of the bison pooh ornament is ........

Drum roll please...........

Almost everyone.

Yellowstone Park is making me a little more soft in the head than usual.

I couldn't decide, so here's what's going to happen.

Linda, who is a friend of Karen's, who I work with, and none of you care about this, so shut up Judy, actually won first prize.  She had an exhaustive list of why she should win it.

I could sense her desperation over winning the thing, so I couldn't let her down.

Then there was The Vegetable Assassin, check her out at  She scares me a little, so thought I had better send her one just in case she ever leaves Canada and comes to the states with revenge on her mind.  Secretly, I love her blog and her nasty little mind. 

Then there is Jenny, who works with the hubby.  She stood up for me when I was apologizing to him for some bad things I said on my guest blog.  So, she should get one.  But Jenny can wait until I get back to Ohio.  What else is there to do there but wait and drink beer?

And then there is Susan, my high tailing it out of here friend, who left me to return to Georgia and civilization.  Maybe she deserves some poo.  Piles of poo.

I'm never having a contest again, since I can't decide on a winner and I don't want to leave anyone out.  On minimum wage, I can't afford you people.

So, I sent the Assassin an email asking for her address.  Linda and Susan must do the same or the poo ain't going anywhere except back to Ohio for my theme tree this year...Poo Poo on Christmas.

Here's my email address....get typing and the poo will be in the mail.  I love saying things like "the poo will be in the mail."  Sounds like a threat of some kind, doesn't it?

I'm keeping the stinking Old Faithful bookmark for myself.

There may be another post tonight that actually has something to do with Yellowstone... if I leave my room at all.  Don't hold your breath cause you turn a very unattractive color when you do and the eyes bulge out. 



Linda said...

...oh yikes! - or is it - oh yippee, thank you for the poo...words fail me - Oprah...are you reading this?...I'm now officially someone with a story for your show!
Judy - you are a address forthcoming - hang in there... Your hubby will be there soon!

Anonymous said...

I really, REALLY wish I could be there with the customs guy who has to deal with "bison poo" in an envelope. Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll be the border agent who pissed me off last year by keeping me ten minutes asking the same questions over and over again and not listening to the answers when I really needed to pee? I do hope so...

Thank you ma'am. I'll forgive your remarks about my refined lady mind.

darlin said...

You forgot about me, your most faithful follower. I'm so disappointed Judy, my life will never be the same... ever again! lol Honestly please don't even think of sending me bison poo, just reading about it is plenty for me.

How much longer are you in jail for? And if you drink too much beer while waiting you're going to have one heck of a headache, don't say I didn't warn you! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend Judy.

POD said...

oh poo!
Now, you made a comment yesterday that I wanted to address about being a control person. In the past I was like this and it gave/gives me a sense of security and makes me feel safe in this big ole bad world. Is that so bad? I know it does not work for one person to try to control another or try to control anyone but if we know *why* we're like that, do you think that could help?

Judy said... come on...,you know you want the poo. Just let me know and it shall be yours too.

POD...not sure about the control thing. There are different levels of control. This is worthy of a long discussion. Do you want a poo ornament too? Don't be shy. I'm giving them out right and left!

Jenny said...

Thank you Thank you for the poo ornament. It will be my treasure. And to top it off, I won this award just be name association. Now I just need to find a great job with great pay by name association. I think I'm on a winning streak here Judy. Thanks for the boost!

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