Friday, June 4, 2010

Yellowstone Ark Park

Yellowstone Park is now officially Yellowstone Ark.

This is the new lake that has formed in front of Old Faithful. 

What if it grows and grows and eventually puts out Old Faithful like a birthday candle?

I know it couldn't happen, but I like to fantasize.

Would it still be the Old Faithful Inn?

Would they just build a replica and pump the water out the top like an oil rig? 

Maybe they could have it go off every half an hour instead of every 90 minutes.  The tourists would love the predictability and more time options.

And they could put lights around it...maybe do a light show.  The guests have asked if it is lighted at night.

It's not looking like clear skies any time soon.

The guests always want to know what the weather forecast is for Yellowstone.

It's like giving one forecast for the entire state of California.

It may be snowing at Grant Village.  The sun may be out in Mammoth.  But, for now, it is raining every day at Old Faithful. 

Even the bison are looking water logged.

My lonely path to work.

Just me and the bison lurking in the trees.

This is the roof of the Old Faithful Inn.

Guests can climb up there with the bell staff in the morning to raise the flags.

You have to make a reservation with them weeks or months in advance.

Not so sure I am interested.

This place is over a hundred years old.  Those stairs look like the original.

I still got nothin' new folks.  I am going to do my best to find out some dirt about this place before I go.  I can tell you now that the Inn has some interesting wildlife inside the building.

Some rooms have complimentary mice.  You can't get that everywhere.

I have Saturday and Sunday how the week just flew by.  I'm going to have some kind of adventure.  I swear.  And I do that often, so you have to believe me.

Until tomorrow, remember, you will never be homeless.  There will always be a job for you at Yellowstone Park.

Oops.  Almost forgot that one of my readers sent me a link that will give you more information about the new Yellowstone Quarter.  Here it is  Thanks GaryO.  By the way, I did get quarters today.  They squirreled a few away for the employees.  I know you were all worried.


greentangle said...

Nah, it's raining every day in Mammoth too. But according to the extended forecast, in nine days it's going to be partly cloudy. Woo Hoo!!

CherylK said...

I know what they'll do...they'll build an Old Faithful Casino at Las Vegas and that's where the geyser will erupt from the roof of the L.V. Old Faithful Inn!

Well, the mere thought of a possible mouse has totally put me off and I will never darken the door of that lovely old building. Am scared to death of mice...I'm serious...scared to death of them!

Judy said...

Cheryl...There are newer facilities here than the Inn, but since the buildings are closed during the winter, the mice have free roaming rights. Guess you need to stay out of the wilderness. What would you think of bison roaming all around the Inn?

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