Saturday, June 12, 2010

Searching for Number One Son in Yellowstone Park

The mission today was to track down the oldest son and see some parts of Yellowstone that I have missed.

Erik son was last seen in the vicinity of Grant Village, which is at the bottom left of Yellowstone Lake.

This son has been known to fall off the radar for months at a time.  But for now, the mama is only 20 miles down the road and she has a car.

I am a mother with a mission.

I stopped at the restaurant where he is assistant dining room manager.  The cute girls at the hostess desk were more than happy to rat him out.  They informed me that he was scheduled to work at 2:00.

With a few hours to kill, I decided to head on down the road to the Lake Hotel.
Now this is a hotel.

It's also the oldest hotel in Yellowstone...built in 1890 I believe.

Can't you see the ladies in their long skirts and the men in their straw hats strolling on the grounds?

And this is the view you get.

At the Old Faithful Inn you get parking lots.

Am I being a traitor?  Heck, yes.

The dining room has windows that look out over Yellowstone Lake.

The Old Faithful Inn dining room looks out over a parking lot. 

Are you starting to see the differences here?

They were having a wedding when I arrived.

Aren't they sweet? 

The Lake Lodge is on the same property.

The lobby is about as lodgey as you can get.

As I drove away, I stopped to take a picture of Yellowstone Lake with the Lake Hotel in the distance.

Another shot of the Lake just because I thought it turned out well.

At last, the mama tracks down her cub.

This is the dining room at Grant Village.

It also has a view of the Lake, not a parking lot.

The hostesses and waiters flocked around me and promised that Erik would be out soon.

It seems he choked on a glass of water at the news I was there.

Here he is looking professional.

It makes a mother proud to see her son working.

I treated myself to a meal at his fine establishment.

It was heaven...a Monte Cristo sandwich followed by ice cream bon bons. 

When I got back to Old Faithful, Grizzly son suggested that we go for a hike.  I'm thinking a mile or two.

We hiked to Mallard Lake.

It was 3.5 miles down this trail.  That means 3.5 miles back.  That is 7 miles all together. 

That means my feet hurt, but I feel quite proud of myself.  Until I wake up in the morning.  If I can get up in the morning.

Here I am at Mallard Lake.  I didn't see any mallards, by the way.

And I didn't see any bears, which is an extremely good thing.

Did I mention that it was 3.5 miles uphill?

Ouch, pant, puff, moan and whine. 

I even did some private business in the woods and didn't get my shoes wet.  I would say it was a red letter day. 

Until tomorrow, remember....I forget what I was going to say. 


A Write Life said...

LOL, when my children were young I would take them on those kinds of hikes. I wonder, is this payback?

darlin said...

What a difference from where you work and where your son works, has he worked there before by chance? I love the lobby, the building and everything about where your son works... it's like night and day difference. But why am I even mentioning all of this... you already know! lol

And Judy, as they say, if you want to play with the big boys you have to learn how to pee in the tall grass!

If and when you remember what you were going to mention... let us know too k?

Cheers my fair weathered blogger friend!

Mike said...

Hi Judy. Can't wait to see your pics from Lamarr Valley tonight. Another suckie day at Caesars Creek. Shelly moved to Clydes vacant spot. Her daughter, Katie, got a puppy last weekend at Lucasville. Helicopter Man thanked me for calling security yesterday when he got into an altercation with a customer. He served in the South Vietnamese Army during the war and I said I was afraid he was going to take the asshole out. He said, "Mr. Mike, I was just waiting for him to take a swing at me, and then it would have been all over." He might have taken him out with a well-placed martial arts blow, pulled an AK-47 out of his trunk, or called in an air strike. In any case, all ended well. I was looking for cover, however! Rhonda, the dog lady, Tu and Vickie all asked about you. Don is giving us a space in the shelter free of charge...can you believe it? Guess I'll work on my tan this summer while you're languishing inside in the air con schmoozing with your buds. In any case, now might be a good time to renegotiate my contract. Looking for $136,000 base salary, guaranteed 8% bonus, company car and all a $2,000 a month housing allowance for six months like I got back in L.A. in 2000. Oops, had a flashback...sorry. Those were the good old days, but then again, I didn't have you as my loving wife. Be there in 6 days to free you from your prison. I need you back here as my laundry is piling up, the dirty dishes are piling up and the Useless Lap Kitty misses your absent lap. Only 81 degrees 95% humidity here and 4" of rain in the last 24. My son, Eric, is stuck on I-77 just b4 W. Va. The second tunnel is closed and they are re-routing traffic around the closure. Around the mountain? Thinking maybe they'll be sending him to Virginia so he might be here by early tomorrow...ouch! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought the twist in the tale here was going to be that you tracked down your son and he was the one getting married! And things got all soap opera-y and there was an almighty showdown where you shot his new wife with a hunting rifle and so on. But it's ok, you redeemed yourself with the ice cream bon bons.

Also, I already typed this whole comment in a much better manner but blogger chose to eat it, forcing me to retype the whole thing, and so I say to blogger "eat ME."

Judy said...

Veggie....Your poo ornament will get mailed tomorrow. Maybe you will get it in month or so. It's too bad you have so much trouble expressing your feelings. You need to work on that.
Darlin....I have no idea what I was going to say. Have I told you lately that you are the sweetest person in the world? Thanks for supporting my blog.
Write Life..,.it is all payback.
Hubby...see ya soon!

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