Monday, June 7, 2010

Yellowstone aka Water World

I'm posting early today for two reasons.  One, I work until 10:45 tonight and just won't feel like talking to any of you, no matter how nice you are, and two, it's RAINING AGAIN! 

Planning a trip to Yellowstone Park?  Don't even think about coming here until July.

Here are the Yellowstone employees making their way to work.

O.K., I didn't take this picture.  I snagged it from the internet.

But it really does look like this.  I'm just not standing out there in the rain waiting for people on bicycles to go by.  Forgive me.

Here's the big news for today. 

I'm about 5 minutes from being famous.  Actually, I'm not going to be famous at all, but I had a brush with it.  Before I left on this adventure, I sent my story to "The Story with Dick Gordon" at NPR.  I love National Public Radio.  I want to write for them, hang out with them, make them all my best friends.

This is Dick Gordon.

Everyone at NPR is handsome/beautiful, intelligent, successful....guess that's why I'm not working there.

I only have 2 out of 3 of the qualifications. 

Anywho....the producer of the show, Christina Smith, called me to see if my story would be of any interest.

I know I won't have a chance if she discovers my fascination with bison poo.

There's no place on NPR for bison poo stories unless it has something to do with saving the environment.

Sorry, got side tracked a little.

But she called and we talked and bonded, at least on my side of the phone, and ......I don't have a chance in Hell of getting on that show.

I checked out their latest stories.  Here's my competition.

A 94 year old woman is running for the U.S. Senate.  When she was 90, she walked across the country to lobby for finance reform.  I walked two hours one day?  Does that count? 

The National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica is for at-risk youth and currently holds rehearsals in the danger zone.  I've walked in the woods where there might be bears and I whistled a little tune.  I could also be considered an at-risk senior citizen.  I could go bonkers anytime.

See what I mean?  I'm a 61 one year old social worker, working the front desk at the Old Faithful Inn who wants to smother her roommate in the night.  Touching, moving, life changing....?  I think not.

I couldn't come up with any epiphany to make the experience more memorable.  I didn't have a vision or hear voices telling me what my true mission in life might be.  I got nada, zilch, crapola. 

I'll let you all know when I get rejected.  At least I have talked to someone from NPR which really doesn't make me feel any better, but let a smile be your umbrella in soggy Yellowstone Park.

Now about that contest I'm having.  Two people.  TWO PEOPLE have responded.  I have no problem dividing the poo and the bookmark between them, but doesn't anyone else want a chance to win these valuable prizes?  Don't even worry about explaining why you want the poo ornament.  Just post a comment saying you want the damn thing. 

Gotta slosh to lunch, so Judy here in Yellowstone Park aka Water World, signing off.


POD said...

I dunno. I'm thinking bison poo is all over the competition. Sorry to hear/read that it's raining. It's been sunny here and I got sunburned. OUCH. Better than drowning like most of this winter and spring.
Have fun. Keep your head up.

sammy said...

cool blog.

you had me at 'hippie thing'

my 10 year old daughter is doing a project on crater lake but now i wish she would have chose yellowstone! i could have just directed her to your page for info!

darlin said...

I only read your first bit, it's late, blogger has been acting up this past two days and I've dealt with some "fun" clients while their counselor is away. Thank goodness she's back tomorrow after an extended four day weekend!

I love your intro here Judy but will have to come back tomorrow to read the rest of your adventure in wonderland... Yellowstone and bet you wonder why you went there now eh? lol Take care and watch out for buffalo poo!

Anonymous said...

Wait...bison poo comes out in large white balls like a snowball? Or an ice cream? What do they eat? Do they eat angels? If bison poo is indeed white and round, I'd be fascinated by it too! I mean who wouldn't? A moron that's who. :)

Judy said...

Bison poo comes out in a big cow patty looking thing. They're just big, ugly cattle.

Thanks for the comments friends.

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