Saturday, March 27, 2010

Retail Judy

If we're traveling to Yellowstone together, you need
to see what I look like.

Here I am, working at my medical uniform store.  Bet you
thought I looked different.

Actually, in my mind I look like this.

When I try on clothes and look in the dressing room
mirror, I see this. 

Just be grateful I didn't use the naked, wrinkled lady images.


darlin said...

LOL that's awesome! When do you head out to Yellowstone?

Judy said...

We leave April 18th. Adam starts work the 22nd, Jamie the 24th and me the 29th. We're driving so we can take more junk.

darlin said...

Can't leave home without junk, things just wouldn't be quite right! :-)

Enjoy your day Judy.

sherry said...

Funny! I love your sense of humor.

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