Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who, What, Why, When Revisited

 We're going back to the beginning.  If you're coming in late, you probably don't want to read everything, so you'll miss the first entry which explains what the heck I'm doing.  Here we go, one more time.  I did add a few more comments, just for fun.

Who? You can read my profile to find out a little bit about me, and if you stick around for the journey, you'll find out more than you wanted to know. Right now, we're internet daters (desperate.)  I need to make a good first impression so you'll ask for my phone number and then maybe we can do lunch (if you scare me, I'll go to the bathroom and never come back.) For now, I'll just say that I'm the Sandra Bullock (or her mother) of social work. I'm as friendly as a puppy, and I have that girl next door quality (if you live next door to the Addams Family).

What? I plan on working in Yellowstone Park for six months (that's what I'm telling my husband.) No...I'm not going to be a park ranger although I think I would look great in one of those uniforms (dominatrix?). I'll be living in a dorm, cleaning rooms at a hotel and eating cafeteria food just like we had in high school (remember mystery meat?)  Right now you might be thinking I'm pretty brave for trekking off into the unknown on my own. Well, technically, I won't be alone (I have the voices in my head.) My two sons and one of their girlfriends will be going too. The three of them worked at Yellowstone National Park last year and they can't wait to get back. Can you believe that they want the mama to go along (they had no choice.)  I have been warned that there will be no "mothering" in Yellowstone. I may need to take some duct tape with me (for their mouths.)

Why? I'm in a rut. I work, eat, sleep, play games on my computer and basically feel bloated and flabby. I've put off writing, quite successfully, for 40 plus years. My excuse is that I've been gathering material. Having just had my 61st birthday (there was no cake and I'm still upset), I don't think I should be gathering anymore. There's always the chance that I've learned as much as I ever will and now, I risk the chance of forgetting everything (what was I saying?) So, it's time to shake things up. It's time tell everyone that I'm going to have this fantastic blog and to make it happen (poof!)

When? We report for duty on April 21st and work until the end of October. I'll try to entertain you with my preparations. There's also a lot more to this story (yawn), but one tiny step at a time for all of you with short attention spans.

There will be pictures (I finally got a camera.) There will be drama (me using a public bathroom.) Hopefully, there will be a lot of laughs along the way. Let me know if you think I'm crazy (children have already said yes.)  And since I'm asking you to be a part of this, share your thoughts. What have you done to shake your life up? (remember, the children are still awake)


darlin said...

Wow, you are adventurous, sound like a ton of fun to be around, I feel warmth and compassion and most of all, I feel a real person on the other end of this blog site. I look forward to sharing your Yellowstone journey with you and I can't wait to see how long it takes for you to not be mom! lol

Photos will be wonderful as well, this is going to be an awesome adventure and as I said I am looking forward to the journey!

All the best to you Judy, now all you need is a Harley (if you don't already own one) a tattoo (What is your tattoo? I just got a turtle in November!) and up, up and away! Or just click your heels three times, what the heck, it worked for Mary Poppins!

Judy said...

Thanks so much short person with a tattoo! No...don't have a Harley or a tattoo. I can't commit to one picture that will be on my body forever. I'm sure that 3 months after I got one, I'd be tired of it. That's how you end up with tats all over your body.

Anonymous said...

to herself...that she thinks that Judy should get a tatoo. But only after this journey she is on, is over. Tatoos do not have to be a picture, but can sometimes be a symbol of a fond memory. Or just simply, something that only makes sense to the wearer. Is wearer a word? Oh well, you get the point I am sure. Still following, still laughing out loud, and look forward to "your" journey.

Judy said...

Ladies! Where do you think I should put a tat? Everything is sagging.

sherry said...

It's a slippery slope...some people's tatoos end up demanding their own tatoos.

Thanks for the back story. I think women should have more adventures. I opened my own bookstore not long ago with absolutely no retail or small business experience whatsoever. That was an adventure!

I'm watching your adventure, Judy, because when I entered high school I was certain I wanted to be a park ranger. Somehow, that notion was abandoned. But who knows? I've been a social worker, college professor, community relations/media liason, campaign communications director...a radio DJ in college. At 50, I still feel like there is time for some more adventures.

Judy said...'ve done a lot. We have had a retail store also. Working retail is harder than being a social worker sometimes. And yes, there is time for more adventures. Some big, some small. It's all good.

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