Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brief Moment of Panic

Anyone have a large paper bag that I can put over my head?  Deep breath.  Deep breath.

I just called Human Resources at Yellowstone to make sure they got my employment packet.  

A very sweet woman typed in my name and said...
"I'm sorry, but we have you down as being a NO SHOW.  WE DON'T HAVE A JOB FOR YOU."

No job?  I just quit two social work jobs to make this insane trip, and she's telling me I don't have one cleaning rooms in a hotel? 

I have a pile of supplies ranging from toe nail clippers to long underwear piled on the bed.  Everybody knows I'm going!

I have been basking in my new "cool status" and I like it.  I haven't been cool, EVER, and I'll have to disappear for 6 months and maybe keep that paper bag over my head so no one recognizes me.

I have hiking shoes!  I want to use my hiking shoes.  And what am I going to do with bear spray?  Maybe I can use it on that sweet woman in human resources.

And then she said........."Oh, sorry.  Here's your name.  I just didn't look far enough on the computer.  We'll be expecting you on April 22nd."


O.K.  I'm breathing normally now.  My head has stopped spinning.  I am cool again.

Whew.  Even my husband is relieved.  Wait....why is he relieved?  What does he have planned while I'm gone?  Why has that little smile returned? 

Where did that paper bag go?


Teresa said...

It's ok Judy, it was just a little bump in the road. You don't need that bag either, cause you are already "cool". You just don't see it.

Judy said...

Now I know why I like you so much! Of course you are cool too. This is starting to sound like some teen-age fan club.

phd in yogurtry said...

You sure know how to pursue your fancy. Sounds wonderfully brave and independent. Cool for short.

rtrenary said...

What a way to start your journey.

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