Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Has Nothing to do With Yellowstone

O.K. this has nothing to do with Yellowstone, but it's all I
have right now.  You don't want to hear about packing, I
don't want to think about packing, so we all win if I talk about something else.

I've been working at a nursing home for people with
behavior problems.  I don't know how to put this
delicately.  I don't want to make fun of them, cause I
love them, but OH MY GOODNESS! 

They don't exactly look like the folks in this picture, but it's close.  Trust me.  If they could get their hands on these costumes, they would wear them.  They do the best they can, though.  One gentleman has a snowman hat he wears when he's feeling festive. Sometimes it's huge joke glasses matched with bright blue capri pants and yellow socks.  Where did he get the stuff? 

My favorite little lady bobbles down the hall like a penguin.  I have to work real, real hard not to bobble right back at her.  Not that she would notice.  About ten or a thousand times a day she stops me to recite the same poem.  We all know it by heart, but we act surprised every time.

The Spook is pale, quiet and transparent.  O.K., I lied about being transparent.
One minute he's not there, the next minute he's right behind you.  You turn, he
mumbles something, then he glides off.  Kind of fun.  Kind of creepy. 

I don't have a picture for the next one and you should be grateful.  She's a busy, busy woman.  She takes things.  One day she "acquired" twelve watches from other residents.  Items of a certain size get stored on her in places that we cannot talk about and hence the reason there is no picture here.  Needless to say, no one wants their possessions back once she has them.

They colored Easter eggs today.  Everyone had a good time.  Some of them drank the dye.  Some ate the eggs before they got colored.  The rest just ended up with brightly colored fingers which seemed to be the best part for all of them.

These are my people.  I'm a little disturbed sometimes that I fit in so well.  Awwww, what the heck.  I have trouble fitting in with the "normals."  It's probably a good thing that I move on to Yellowstone before I start wearing multiple layers of clothes and start mumbling to myself.  I will miss them.   


darlin said...

:-) I have to smile at this post, you have a special gift of working with these people Judy. Embrace your gift as you leave there, take it with you and I'm sure you will share it wherever you go in life. As one guest speaker said to us "Feel the love." I feel that emitting from you from way over here.

Judy said...

You are so sweet. Thanks Darlin.

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