Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moose Poop and Yellowstone Park

Today's big news.  Ta Da!  I am a WINNER!

Sherry over at had a contest, and I won!

Sorry about all of the exclamation points, but I never win anything.  And I won a book which is awesome since I love books.  I'd be excited to win a toothpick, but I actually won something I love.

My luck is this bad.  I was at a golf outing once which is a long story since I hate golf.  We all had raffle tickets in a big drum.  People were winning golf balls and tees and other items that didn't interest me in the least, got down to 2 raffle tickets, one of which was mine, and one prize.  It was probably a ball washer (tee hee) or something I would probably give away, so who cares, but I cared because it was the principle of the thing.

My ticket got stuck in the drum.  Someone else won the crappy prize.  MY TICKET GOT STUCK IN THE DRUM!  That is why I'm excited about winning a beautiful book.

My luck is changing, I do believe.

Speaking of a crappy prize, I plan on running my own contest when I get to Yellowstone. 

Pay attention here.  The grand prize will be a Christmas ornament made out of Moose poop. 

I hope you weren't eating dinner.

The boys brought me one from Yellowstone.  They're special guys.

I'll leave it for you to imagine.  It was kind of gold with a nice ribbon.  I think some kind of image was molded on it, but it still looked like poop.

It didn't smell.

I wonder who makes these things?  Do they press poop into molds?  Do they use their hands?  Do you tell your friends that your job is spraying moose poop ornaments with gold paint?

I'm not kidding about this.  Here's a website where you can buy your own poop jewelry and ornaments in case you can't wait..

Scroll down the left side until you come to poop - moose & deer.  There you go. 

I leave for Yellowstone in 11 days.  The sooner I get there, the sooner you get your poop ornament.


Mike said...

Holy shit!

Teresa said...

Glad that you won something you love.

I am definately in on the contest. Moose poop items classify as "cheesey" to me..

Judy said...

I will have a few contests. My really good friends may get something made out of moose poop even if they don't win. They are light weight and will travel well.

darlin said...

I wonder if I can sell cow or buffalo crap? hmmmm Actually that would disgust me, I'd have to hire someone to make whatever out of it! :-)

Congrats on the win!

CherylK said...

Hi there! I just stopped by to congratulate you on your winning Sherry's contest. But I've also now discovered your blog...looks like a good one! Not too sure if I'd want anything made out of moose poop...(or cow or buffalo crap as darlin suggests) but I certainly do think it's an interesting concept!

Judy said...

Darlin and CherlK...There may be a big business in poop products. I discovered that people are making paper out of poop too. American ingenuity at its best.

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