Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Follow the Yellowstone Road

You listened to me! 

I asked you to become a follower of my blog and six of you stepped up to the plate.

I thought I'd throw in a little educational material here.  I know you didn't pay attention in biology.  And stop putting things smaller than your elbow in your ear.

Well, I'm just giddy with my new found power.  What else can I make you do?

If you read my post about my fear of the bears at Yellowstone, and you should cause it's pretty darn cute, you know that I worry a lot.  Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom listening to the sounds of nature outside my window.

I  hear things out there at night that make me.....uh, stay inside at night.  I'm not going out there.  No way!

Sometimes I think that if I had a night vision thingie I would see this.

And one night I heard something thunder past my window and all I could
see in my twisted little brain was this.

I swear that's what it sounded like.

Don't get all geography teacher on me and point out that ostriches don't live in Ohio.  The people across the road are a little strange.  They even have solar panels on their house so I think they are capable of keeping exotic animals in their yard.

One of my favorite night noises is the sound of one critter eating another.
Be happy I didn't find some animals gone wild picture to share.

What's my point you might ask.  

I'm going to Yellowstone National Park for heavens sake!  Remember, there are bears and bison and wolves, oh my!  I can't just click my heels together and go back to Ohio.  I've got to tough this out.  I will show some dignity.  I will not carry bear spray on my way to work.  I will not scream every time a bison camps outside the dormitory. 

If I only had courage.  When did this become the Wizard of Oz?

As long as there aren't flying monkeys, I'll be fine.


Adele said...

Wait. No ones told you about the monkeys?

darlin said...

LOL You're hilarious Judy! Solar panels = exotic animals... note to self, no solar panels!

Judy said...

Adele...is there monkey spray?

Darlin...around here, people with solar panels are looked at as nasty subversive liberals. Go figure.

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