Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Will Survive Yellowstone!

I had my first real ten minutes of fame today.  Let me share.  I was in training when a group of young people came wandering into our classroom looking for their orientation program.  Being the helpful person I am, and having just sat through the lesson about guiding people to their destinations, I jumped up to show them the right room.

A sweet young girl from Florida looked at me and said.....I'm getting goosebumps here...."Are you Judy from the internet?"  She had been following my blog.  My blog!  I met a fan.  We only talked briefly and went our separate ways, but she will be working in the same part of the park with me, so maybe I can talk her into a picture when we meet again.

The price of autographs just went up.  Get them while they're cheap.

Pictures for the day.

Just a few of my elk friends strolling past the hotel.

The hotel bison having an evening stroll through the parking lot.

A horrible picture of a black billed magpie.  This is a very interesting bird who refused to stand still for me.  They are everywhere so I felt they deserved some face time.

This is a magpie nest.  The lady in the corner is my friend, Judy.

On the training front, we finally got to work on the computers.  We're learning to register guests and how to handle complaints.  After looking at their computer system, I can see why there might be problems.  The squirrel turning the wheel is getting old.

Things I've learned so far.
1.  There are annoying people everywhere.
2.  Adjustment is like kidney stones.  Eventually it passes.
3.  Strangers are future friends.
4.  I will enjoy my stay because it's too far to drive home.
5.  Don't tease the bison.
6.  No matter what they say about this job, it's minimum wage.

That's all for tonight.  I've spent hours trying to get this posted, but since you are important to me, I'm making the sacrifice.  I now have to walk in the dark to the hotel.  If I trip over a bison, it's been great knowing you all. 


darlin said...

LOL, thank you for making the immense effort to share tonight Judy!

You've got a real life fan... will you still chat with me on the odd occasion when you're not to busy impressing your fan?

Hi to Judy's number one real life fan... help Judy to stay real please! lol

Hi hubby... where have you been? Too busy watching golf? :-)

Awesome photos Judy. See you tomorrow, have an awesome Sunday, even if it's only minimum wage.

Teresa said...

Appreciate all you are going through, to post.
Love the pictures of the Bison too.

Pat said...

When you get to the Inn, see if you can find Ed, a bellman from Tennessee. He's a very friendly guy - been there for several years. He doesn't seem annoying. ;-)

He won't know us by name, but we talk to him every year when we're there (we're from TN as well, originally), and it's just nice to hear a Tennessee accent when we're out there.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience you are having (or are going to have) in Yellowstone! I'm so jealous. I came across your blog today while "Yellowstone dreaming." Always wanted to go there (I'm 58 now) - just realized this $400+ US Airways airline ticket about to expire could take me to Salt Lake City where I could pick up a tour to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. So what if I have to go alone and pay for the single supplement?! Somehow I think it would be worth it. Your blog is further inspiring me to just DO it! Book it, Dano. If all goes right I'll be seeing Yellowstone about May 10th or so. Good luck to you! Joyce in Arizona (but born in Ohio)

Judy said...

Darlin...You're still my number 1 fan, well, Teresa is my number 1 too. Can you guys share? I'll always remember the little people :)

Pat...I'm sure I'll meet Ed soon.

Joyce...Go for it! Come visit us. Look me up when you get here.

Teresa said...

Sure, I'll share. Although I think Darlin is truley number 1. You all post so much all the time and comment.... it leaves me in the dust. LOL

I am still treading along at a snails pace. But I am learning alot as I am doing so. So it's all good.

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