Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Six Months in Yellowstone...Oh My!

Today is Wednesday, and I leave Sunday for six months in Yellowstone National Park

If you're new to my blog, no.....this isn't some kind of community service, rehab program.  I am going willingly to clean rooms at the Old Faithful Inn, live in a dormitory, eat cafeteria food and earn close to nothing.

Uhhhhhhh.  It sounded like a good idea in December.
Itty bitty panic attack.  About a 6 on the Richter Scale. 
Shoulders back, woman!  Full speed ahead.  Follow your bliss and don't look back.
Now that that's out of the way.  I am packing...see? 

So far, all I've packed are personal hygiene products, sheets, blankets, laundry soap, gloves, etc.

I haven't decided on what clothes to take yet.  Will I take too much?  Will I bring the wrong things?  

The answer is a loud YES to both questions.  No point in fighting it.  I am my mother.  She carried a change of underwear for me in her purse until I was 21, I think.  I wasn't even living at home then, but ya never know.

Useless lap kitty is getting nervous about her
lap leaving.

Maybe she thinks I'm taking this bag.

I'm looking around the house to see what I will miss the most.  Yes, hubby, you're on the list, but since you won't let me take your picture, you just aren't going to be discussed. No picture, no talkie.
Will I miss cooking? 

Let me think for a few...NO!  Was that too quick?

I made the guilt potato salad for hubby since he won't see it again for six months.  What an ordeal.

Peeling, mincing, boiling, stirring, complaining, whining, cleaning up.  That's how I cook.

Will I miss television?

Look at this disaster.  This is where I park my chubby bottom every night.
I am on an endless loop of CNN, Bones, NCIS, Law & Order, internet surfing and snacking.
It's time to move it, shake it, and dust it off.

Will I miss my Jacuzzi?

This was my hubby's idea, not mine.

Ever since the nuclear menopause, sitting in hot water has been out of the question.

Also, fat floats.  Not something I want to look at.

I'm sure I will miss things I never thought about, but you will be the first to hear about it.

So much to do, so little time. 


greentangle said...

This will be the most interesting reading for me since you get a month's head start on me. I'm glad I'm only signed up for four months although unless I hate it, I'm likely to apply for a winter job also. I just realized I have to arrive at my location a week before most of the tourist stuff is scheduled to open there, so I'm guessing we get a week of training and a chance to get to know the place a bit first.

Mike said...

Hi followers, I'm the hubby (call me Big D as I'm 6'4", 250#), the shortest one in the family except for JUDY and my last name begins with D...anymore questions? In case you do, I wear size 15 shoes, but that's neither here nor Now Judy has Abe and Grizzly and I have my sons, the IT Guy and the Tennis Pro on my side. More to follow on these peeps later. I, like you all, have been following Judy's posts for the last month and have been silent up to now. She has so much stuff packed here that I think I may need to buy a bigger house to accommodate her bags! I served in the US Army Infantry from 1966-1968 and I carried everything I owned in a duffel bag. Judy says we should never have fought that war, so somehow that gets her excessive baggage off the hook? My bad! But the guilt potato salad was great and I'm thankful as it was the last home cooked meal I'll have until November, but George Foreman will pull me through, I suspect.
I'll be adding comments from the home front here from time to time if Judy allows my irreverant commentary.Hope to talk again soon!

Judy said...

Greentangle...As I remember you will be in Canyon. Are you willing to share what you will be doing and dare I ask for a first name? I may just go to Canyon and yell "Greentangle." I promise to share as much info as I can so you know what to expect. I wonder if I'll make it 6 months.

Hubby...How sweet of you to comment. Hope to hear from you occasionally on the blog. Keep it clean. You know I'll call you every day.

Davine said...

Oh I think that would be a wonderful way to spend 6 months. TV? I wouldn't miss as long as I have my laptop and internet connection. Looking forward to keeping up to daye with your adventure.

Judy said...

Thanks Davine. Love to have you come along on the adventure.

darlin said...

Hello Mike, pleasure to meet the hubby. I'm glad that you enjoyed the guilt potato salad, the wife always cooks the favorites when she is a)guilty, b)wants something or c)plain out loves ya. Between you and me, I think that it's all of the above, just give her your credit card already! lol

Judy me being me and procrastinating on the studies, you are by far more entertaining and I can learn more from you then I can from this one particular instructor. It's just to bad that you weren't giving me the final exam. Heck I'd ace it, I know how to psychoanalyze, interview and be non judgmental all the time because of you and your blog... well ok maybe not that much but the hubby's reading now and I'd best make it look good!

How exciting, the day is approaching quickly, now if I must I'll get back to my studies. Have a wonderful evening. I'll most likely be back to chat again tomorrow!

Judy said...

Darlin...would love to be your instructor. Just hate making up tests. Good luck with tests and staying awake in class. I see you everywhere on blogs. Do you sleep?

Adele said...

Okay, now I'm starting to feel sad for the kitty and the hubby. Will Mike be out for a visit this summer?

Velvet said...

Will you have you cell phone? You will likely want that at least the first few days--those are always the ones that have you second guessing choices. But then you will settle into no t.v. and no potato dishes (we do have potatoes around these parts).

Your hubby, well, he will be the void. There is no substitute for our partners. That cell will be the lifeline. I find I have to learn how to communicate long distance again(every time) we are away from one another. We get so use to non verbal cues and the phone stuff is quick when we are home. You will fall into a pattern.

Can you tell my hubby and I have spent time away from one another? We have both traveled for work at one point or another and I have gone away for language school. Made us appreciate each other more.

Judy said...

Adele...He hopes to get out. If nothing else he can come out at the end of my adventure and drive back with me. Don't worry about useless lap kitty. She will take any lap available.

Velvet...Me and the hubby have been apart before but this will be the longest. He was in California for many months and I was in Ohio. We made a couple of visits back and forth but you can't do it easily in Yellowstone. I'm sure it will be good for us too.

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