Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Really Want to Work In Yellowstone?

 Check this out before we go into the topic for the day.  One of my classmates, Karen, took this video on our bus trip from yesterday. 

I am so glad we were on the bus.  That was the only time I was glad to be on the bus.

Now is the time to lay our cards on the table. 

Is Yellowstone for you?  I can address this because I'm not even sure Yellowstone is for me.  I stay because of the pride factor and what the heck would I do with this blog if I left?
Here's the first thing to consider when thinking about making the commitment.

Who will your co-workers be?

This guy just got off the bus.  He's headed for Guest Services Agent's training. 

He wants to be your room mate.

Seriously, there are some people here who need medication. 

The rest of them are insufferable. The folks who have been here before spend most of their time telling inside jokes that make the first season workers feel like outsiders.

For me, that's par for the course.  I've always had my nose pressed against the candy store window while everyone else was eating chocolates.

To be fair, I have grown accustomed to their faces which is so Pygmalion of me, I know.  I'm just warning you.  These people are your worst nightmare family, and you will grow to love them.  Once you take them individually, you will find that you are surrounded by an interesting bunch.

Being an extrovert is a major asset in this situation.  The majority of people in my group are loud, outspoken and pushy.  There is one woman who lurks in the darkness.  We all worry what she is planning.  And then there are a few of us who are just trying to adjust being here.  Believe it or not, I'm not participating in the loud and pushy.  I'm trying to take a laid back approach and it seems to be working for me.  I've found my little group.

The second thing to consider is that you will be working in the park.  This is not a paid vacation.

It's not this hard, but you are putting out some sweat.  You could be working in the employee kitchen, flipping bison burgers or cleaning rooms at one of the hotels.

Remember, as an older adult, you will be doing teenage jobs.   You are working for minimum wage.  You will be wearing a silly uniform.  You will be asking people if they need fries with that order.

Don't let this put you off the adventure. Some of my classmates are retired form executive positions.   Just get your head wrapped around the idea of being in a menial level job making minimum wage.

And these are the people who will be your bosses.

Madison, Tyler, and Tiffany.  Learn to love them.  Learn to do what they say.

This is the most painful part.  You have to answer to people younger than your children.

They can write you up or get you fired.

Again....wrap your head around it.  Go on hikes with them.  Play cards with them.  Some of them do think they are smarter than you, but for the most part, they are intimidated by being an older person's boss.  Give it time.

Ideally, the park experience is more pleasant if you bring your best friend or your spouse with you.  A built in roommate is a plus. 

Have questions about working here?  Ask away.  I've got nothing but time.


Scott said...

Hey, where do I sign up??? My current boss is younger than three of my children and I'm a retired Army officer. They think I'm laughing WITH them. Our little secret. Keep these funny posts coming because you can bet I'll be back.

Teresa said...

I told you I should have went with you!! I would have only had to fight my way through a long line of others to do so. LOL

As I am learning through your blog a little about the kinds of peeps that go to Yellowstone, to work. And to be in charge of the goings on, there. I am just sitting here thinking things are really going to get even more interesting, once the visitors start showing up.

Dave said...

Judy, your blog is hilarious, love reading it. I'm working in Canyon Village, been here since April 12th. Hope to meet you this summer.

Judy said...

Scott...come back soon. I was sorry to miss you. Teresa...hop on the bus. I need you as a roommate. Dave...I hope to see you this summer.

TheodosIa said...

It is probably against some kind of blog law to comment 2 years later but I'm doing it anyway. Remember me? Of course! I just wanted to say here I am still reading away at 3:21AM.

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