Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Yellowstone the Next Iceland?

I'm not going to bore you with everything I did today to get ready for the Yellowstone trip. All you need to know is that it involved another trip to Walmart or Walmarts as they call it here.

Here's the "artsy" photo of the day.

I bought the hubby an old sleigh several years ago.

It was to be a lawn ornament of sorts. 

Things tend to fall apart around here.

NOW, for yesterday's big news.  My little family adventure made the front page of the Xenia Daily Gazette, my hometown newspaper.  I guess it was a nice change from the plant closings they usually have.

How did this happen?  I called them and suggested that this would be a great human interest story.  When I told Grizzly son that an interview was going to happen, and the mama demanded his presence, he was almost speechless.  He sputtered and protested, but I won in the end.  He even took a shower.

And he got his picture in the paper.

The girlfriend came along too and participated but she sort of got left out of the story.  Just so you know, her name is Jamie.

Our reporter, Aaron, was delightful.  We loved him.  But you didn't have to put my age on the front page!  Jeesh.

Thanks anyway for getting the blog out there for me.
A moose poop ornament may be in the works for you young man.

Fame is just a nano second away.  Today Xenia, tomorrow the world.

I just checked out the web cam at Old Faithful.

Wait, there are tourists there.  Last time I looked at this there were only bison and snow.

They aren't wearing heavy coats.  It's supposed to be cold there and I've packed for cold.  The temperature is in the high 50's.  Am I packing the wrong things?

The hubby has tied me down so I won't repack. 

Have you been following the volcano erupting in

The ash drifting over Europe has delayed flights for an indefinite amount of time.  Seems like it clogs up the jet engines and they drop like stones.


Do you hear the producers of 2012 dancing a little jig?  Nothing like having your disaster movie turn into partial reality.

I mention this because.  Who has their hand up?  That's right class.  I WILL BE LIVING ON TOP OF ONE OF THESE FOR SIX MONTHS!

There's someone else happy with this news.  Check this out to see what one of California's finest has come up with  If you have $50,000, you can reserve your spot in his upscale bunkers.  I can hear the checkbooks opening now.

So, if the Yellowstone volcano goes, just get in your Bentley, pack a few overnight things in your Gucci bag and head to the Mojave Desert near Barstow, California.  Hang out for a year or so with a couple hundred of your new best friends. 

Gee, are there any flaws with this plan?  Don't all talk at once.  First of all, and this will be my only point since it's the best, if most of the world has been wiped out, are these wealthy folks going to rebuild it?  Will they know how to dig a ditch?  Can they grow a garden?  Are they too old to reproduce?  I could go on, but I'll leave you to add things to the list I don't want in print.

I will not think about this anymore.

Before I go stare at my packed bags and think about starting over, let me share a recipe with you.

This is one of my husband's favorites.  It shall be called "Guilt Artichoke Dip."

Drain two cans of artichoke hearts packed in water and chop them up.
Add 3/4 cup of Parmesan or more,
3/4 cup of Mayo or more,
1 teaspoon of lime juice,
1 teaspoon or so of garlic salt,
and some pepper.
Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or so.
Eat with whatever you have...crackers, chips, your fingers, a spoon.

You can tell I care about the amounts.  It doesn't really matter.  It tastes good because it has Mayo in it.

I also have to make him a malt before he goes to bed.

I'm assuming that he thinks the appliances will shut down when I leave.  

And don't any of you feel sorry for him.

You know what he got today?  DVR or TiVo or some such television thing that records and skips through commercials and all that.

Picture a contented man in his underwear with five remote controls watching "Red Dawn" five times a day.

It will help ease the pain.


CherylK said...

This post is priceless! Congratulations on your news scoop. Smart. So will you be sending in regular reports? It'll be a good way to stay in touch with that "contented man" you left back home :-)

Judy said...

Well, they didn't ask for reports, but I will send a couple anyway. And the contended man will be happy for a week or two and then he'll be confused and missing the wife. I think.

Chad said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.As Scott said we are going to be in Yellowstone the 25 - 28 of april.Scott's sure all roads will be open,but I'm not so sure.I haven't seen anything talking about the west gate through West Yellowstone Wy. Good luck this summer it sounds really fun.

phd in yogurtry said...

Ok, it's official. The universe IS speaking to me. And it's all about artichokes. Beckoning me to make some. A neighbor made some kind of appetizer using whole artichoke. Sounded delish but a royal pain to make. Then today I was in the produce section and actually picked up an artichoke, for the first time in my life. But I put it back down. (see "royal pain").

Short answer - your can of artichoke hearts dip sounds like the compromise I was searching for.

Happy trip to Yellowstone!

Judy said...

Chad, Hope you can get in Yellowstone, but like I said, it was in the high 50's yesterday. Guess it could snow next week. Who knows? Love you photographers!

phd, Isn't it funny that sometimes one thing will pop up randomly all day? It means you must eat artichokes. This is very easy and very fattening. I bake it in a glass pie plate. Yummy.

POD said...

Congratulations on your 15 minutes of fame. This is great news!
The artichoke recipe is beyond yummy sounding. I will not be making it.
I bought what I think is a GMO artichoke and took some photos the other day. It's too perfect. I won't be eating it in dip or otherwise.
I read thru this blog the other day but don't recall where you wrote you were going to YS for 6 months.
My mom is a LCSW and as her daughter, I am qualified to think you are nuts. haha
I have to click on follow.

darlin said...

Judy, Judy, Judy... front page news now! Look at you go girl (there is no age limit on who I choose to call girl)! Good for you, I am looking forward to your adventure away from home, heck if you're this funny at home I can't wait to see how much funnier you can become when you're let lose in Yellowstone! ;-) I love your posts, when you get all famous please don't forget about your blogger friends here! lol

Bon Voyage Charlie Brown, or something like that. Have a wonderful trip and we'll chat again soon! Ugggh back to these stupid notes for stupid finals so I can get my stupid diploma so I can go to big girls school (University) if they will have me! :-)

Judy said...

POD, Thanks for following. Yes, being the daughter of a social worker gives you some rights to diagnose. My children have been mortified by my choice of career, I'm sure.

Darlin...You are sweet as usual. I am so glad that there will be no more tests. It shouldn't be so hard. You learn everything on the job anyway. I don't think I learned one thing in graduate school that helped me be a social worker. How can they prepare you to work with mental patients? Hang in there. The university will want you. Charlie Brown signing out.

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