Friday, April 30, 2010

Weather in Yellowstone National Park Part 2

This is what we woke up to this morning. 

As bad as it looks, it was worse.

As I remember, tomorrow is May 1st in Ohio.  It is January 1st in Yellowstone National Park.

The employees here celebrate Christmas in August.  One of my classmates brought along a box of decorations and candy canes.

I'm pretty sure we'll still have snow in August.

The old timers tell us that it has snowed every month of the year here.

This is what it looked like this afternoon.

The snow was gone around our compound.

It was on top of the mountains where it belongs.

As far as I know, the roads are still closed to Old Faithful.  We move on Sunday...maybe by snow shoe.

I had a major break through today in class.  Some of the things we were doing actually made some sense.  I managed to check in some guests on our pretend guest services screen without whimpering  or breaking out in a rash.  Tomorrow we learn to check them out.

More things for you to know about working in Yellowstone National Park. 

You eat in the EDR (employee dining room.)

 This was my dinner tonight...mixed vegetables, spaghetti, garlic bread and pineapple.  There is a twist.  The sauce was made with bison meat. 

I'd love to tell you that we all got loaded and shot Bob the Bison in the parking lot and fixed him for dinner, but some of you might get tearful. 

Bob is still alive and well.  Don't worry.

Bison meat is quite tasty.  No it doesn't taste like chicken.  It tastes like beef and is much leaner.  This wasn't my only dinner option.  There were several other entrees, two soups, salad bar and pecan pie. 

I'm kicking back and loving the heck out of this.  I'm not cooking, and I'm not washing dishes.  Yes, hubby, I wasn't doing much of that at home either.  To be more specific, I have a wide variety of food to chose from without the headache of fixing it myself.  Thumbs up on this part of working here.

The EDR, you remember what that is, is a lot like the cafeteria in high school.  We have trays and plenty of opportunities to trip and spill the contents.  Certain groups sit together every day.  Instead of jocks, geeks and preppies, we have the loud, obnoxious Guest Services Agents, the gray hairs, the young Asians, and the isolated employees who look like snipers.

Unlike high school, there is a table for everyone.  I'm feeling well adjusted right now and have given up my corner sniper spot.   For now, all is well.


Laurie Agee said...

Looks like your fitting in with your new crowd just fine. I don't know what I was expecting but I had thought the thinner air might go to your head and you would personally be out in the fields dancing with quadrupeds covered in hair.
Myself I would make friends with the snipers...their services might come in very handy in the wild west. The gray hairs run to slow and the youngsters are too loud.

Keep living the dream.....

Scott said...

Another great one. Keep them coming.

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, look at all that snow and NO I don't miss it or envy you one bit. Living in AB I've done my time for the year with this snow business!

Sounds like you are totally settled in, good stuff Judy. So bison is good you say... hmmm I just might have to try it one of these days.

Have a fun weekend, oh been meaning to ask you... do you get any days off?

Hi hubby... hope all is well on the home front!

Teresa said...

I am relieved that "Bob" is alive and well. I am actually getting quite attached via this blog, and hope that you keep me updated on his meanderings.

Think he could use a good groom though..... wheres my clippers??? LOL

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