Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yellowstone Road Trip...Day 4

Before we start today's slide show, a few thoughts about this Yellowstone adventure.

Driving all those endless hours on the road, I had ample opportunity to ponder life, my little part in it and why gas prices in Ohio always go up on the weekend.  You can see that my mind wasn't going in any kind of logical progression. 

I started thinking about the hundreds, maybe thousands of us who were heading to Yellowstone National Park by car, bus, plane, train, motorcycle, pack mule, all for the pleasure of working for minimum wage.  Were we lemmings, heading to our end when the volcano blows


were we hoping for a Yellowstone Woodstock?
Uhhhhh...who cares?

Never mind.  I've been a little dehydrated.

Now, here comes the good news.  We stopped at Human Resources to see if they would let us in the Park early.  And they did, so off we went.

Before we leave Gardiner, what the heck is a continental breakfast?

Am I to assume that on the "Continent" they get stale bagels with cream cheese in a individual prepackaged pouch?

I think not.

Moving on.

This is the Liberty Cap.  It's a dormant geyser.  There isn't much of a science lesson here.  It used to shoot up in the air and then it stopped.  It left the mineral build up in this nice mound.

This is part of the Mammoth Hot Springs.  It's called that because it's hot.  There is steam and you don't want to stick you baby toe in the water.

There are large rocks here.  I don't have much more to say about that.

Things die here.  Just thought you might like to look at a bone.

My arty picture of the day.  Real art is in black and white you know.

Here is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 

Grizzly says we will walk around it when the snow melts. 

I hope that is a couple of months away...sometime when I can stop panting and reaching for the oxygen tank.

We're going down there when the trail opens.

Coming back up will be another story. 

Make sure your brakes work before you visit Yellowstone.

It could be a one way trip.

At last.  A big old bison walking all alone down the center of the road.

Grizzly said that the old bison often get kicked out of the herd when a new guy comes along.

The hubby had a lot of sympathy for this fellow.

There is no new guy, hubby, and you're still the leader of the pack in my eyes.  I know, never get those eyes checked.

That's it for today kids!  Tomorrow we report in to Human Resources at 7:00 in the morning.  I then go to Mammoth for orientation and then on to Yellowstone to find a dorm room.

Not sure when we will talk again.  You will wait for me won't you? 


POD said...

Will wait. This is worth waiting for. The adventure, I mean.

David said...

Welcome to Yellowstone!

darlin said...

Wow, so you're finally there and now I get to see what Yellowstone is all about! Great photos, not much time to comment here, two finals tomorrow then I'll talk to you... I promise!

Keep having fun in all you choose to do!

Chad said...

Scott and I will be sure to look you up next week. We are both excited to get up there and enjoy Yellowstone with minimal crowds, and hope ther is a little snow left. Hope you have a great summer.

Teresa said...

Loved the black and white photo. And will patiently wait for new posts.

You know, rocks are really beautiful. Give em a chance.

Not looking forward to the "Flea" this weekend. It's gonna rain the whole time..

And you wont be there. But trust me. I will be keeping everyone up to date.

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