Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yellowstone Road Trip...Day 3

Today things changed from... "I'm just going to pull over to the side of the road and build a little house.  I will never get in a car again." to "Lookee over there.  This is so cool!" 

Again I risk my life to take pictures.  You're welcome.

We must have been in Wyoming at this point because South Dakota was, what should I say, not worth the risk.  As a matter of fact, my mind goes all misty gray, flat line when I think of it.

We'll just cut to the chase and get to the good stuff.

We went to Bozeman, Montana, drove around a bit, got bored and decided to just head to Gardiner, Montana, where we will check in with Human Resources on Thursday.  We're here a day early just so we can annoy each other more.  I'm honest.  There have been moments.  Grizzly's foot odor lives up to his nickname. 

This is the Devil's Slide just outside Gardiner.

What's interesting to me is that there are ranches and expensive summer homes on this road. 

What would it be like to have this in your backyard?

This is the Yellowstone River that runs past the Slide.

This is the human resources office where I will be fitted with a lovely work uniform.

A clever sign outside one of the gift shops.

If you look closely, you will see another clever tourist offering.

It says, "Hike Naked.  It will add color to your cheeks."

 Cute but no sale.

This is the Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance of Yellowstone.

If you look to the left of the opening, you will see a waving person.  That's me!

That's how big the arch is.  I love things that make me look small.

This old truck belongs to one of the Gardiner locals.

There ain't nothing fancy about this place.

We ate dinner at a local bar.  The manager actually grew up in Gardiner.  There were 27 people in his graduating class. 

This is the result of driving for 3 days in shorts. 

A cute triangular sun burn.

He's had the same shorts on for three days.  Not that I care or anything.  (I promised no more mothering.  I'm getting a head ache.)

So that's it for now.  We have another day to kill before we enter the park and our indentured servitude starts.

One more day in a motel room with Grizzly and the Girlfriend.  ONE MORE DAY!


darlin said...

WHEW, when you said "This is the result of driving for 3 days in shorts" I was worried for a second, I thought that this was YOUR leg! lol

I'm only envious right now because I still have two finals to go, other than that you can keep three days on the road, the boring sites or lack of... but Yellowstone, this I am looking forward to seeing through the lens of your camera.

One more night, what's one night in the big picture? :-)

'Nite Judy, sleep tight and don't let Grizzly bite... see ya tomorrow.

greentangle said...

Then many days in a less than hotel room with a stranger. Careful what you wish for.

Sorry you got bored with Bozeman so quickly; I'm going to spend 3 nights there before getting picked up to go to the park.

Judy said...

Darlin...my legs are getting a little hairy, but not that bad.

Green...I just hope that living with an adult female will be a little better. Didn't want to stay in a place where we would just spend more money. Not much to spend money on in Gardiner.

Betty said...

I can't wait to read more about your 6-month adventure. Good posts.

Mr. Mechanic said...

No mention of roadside repairs, tow trucks or interstate hiking. Now I can sleep at night again. Great blog! Will read whenever I get a chance. Mr. Mechanic.

Judy said...

Mr.Mechanic...keep following. There were no breakdowns. Hurray!

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