Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old Faithful Waits for Me

Let's get down to business since I leave in two weeks.

This is Old Faithful.

It doesn't shut down at night.  

It's in Yellowstone National Park.  If you are still unclear about where it is, go to  You do want to know where I'm going, don't you?

This is the Old Faithful Inn where I'll be a room attendant (cleaning toilets.)

Bet you thought it looked like a Motel 8.

This is the lobby of the Old Faithful Inn.

I'm hoping it looks a little less like the inside of an Olympic stadium and more like a rustic lobby.

This is how I feel about cleaning.

I had better change my attitude real fast.

This is the uniform I will wear as a room attendant.

Oops.  Wrong picture.

This is a room attendant at the Old Faithful Inn.

He's young, isn't he? 

I bet his back doesn't hurt.  I bet mine will.

The pain will be just about there.

Oh, O.K.!  I'm being dramatic!  What did you expect?  I'm a wimpy adventurer.

I'm still going.

Old Faithful and I have a date.


darlin said...

Quite the maids uniform! And yes he does look young... don't forget about hubby back home, just a suggestion. I heard a good one last night, what's the difference between ethics and morals? Ethics are knowing that you shouldn't cheat on your husband, morals are not cheating on your husband! Just teasing you Judy.

I love the Inn and I hope that it's a bit more rustic than the photo portrays, that's too cityish for my liking.

Your a real trooper Judy, I hope you have a blast!

Mike said...

Judy, as the Marines say at Parris Island, SC, pain is just weakness leaving the body. Like the outfit...I'm sure the tips will be lucrative $$$.

Judy said...

Darlin...there's ethics and there's morals and there's lack of interest. The young men are safe. Maybe if I looked like the French maid.

Jaquelyn said...

HI. I know you dont know me but I'm going to old fatihful too. I'm nervous about it all and im trying to find a kindred spirit to recognize when I get there. I'm not going as room attendant, but sometimes i wish i was. i'd rather clean than deal with people all day. i'm a barista. i'm from washington state and i think your a riot:) hope to see you there!

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