Friday, April 23, 2010

YellowstoneFor Dummies

Was this the first day of training to be a Guest Services Agent?  Haven't I been here for 6 months yet?  Tomorrow is Saturday?  Really?  What month is it?

I'm not having a melt down, although last night it felt like it.  Our rooms at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel have steam heat.  It doesn't shut off, friends.  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I had slipped into one of the bubbling lava pits.  My roommate found the fan and plugged it into the one outlet.  It blew the hot air around nicely.  I stumbled downstairs to the haunted lobby at 5:30 in the morning, hoping that the spirits would stir up some cold air.

These are the luxurious digs.  My bed is against the window, right next to the radiator.

Send ice, send an air conditioner, send a helicopter.

We discovered today that the Gardiner, Montana, high school is having their prom in the lobby tomorrow night.  There are 32 students in the graduating class.

The theme has something to do with the Olympics, I'm assuming.  Those black figures in front are acrobats, maybe.  Or Aztec figures or puzzle pieces, who knows. 

There are quite a few mini craters in the yard with fences around them.

There's lots and I emphasize lots of animal poop in the yards.  You didn't think you were going to get away without a picture of bison poop, did you?

There should be fences around these bad boys.

I don't get off the sidewalks at night.

We have post offices in out here in the wilderness. 

I probably will never get mail.  None of my friends can write.

"How am I doing with my training?" you are probably asking and I want to answer all of your questions.  There's a lot to know according to the instructor.  I need to know all things about the park.  ALL things.

I haven't been out in the park because I'm in class!  Let me out of here! 

I officially hate half of the people in my class.  I'm forming an alliance with several older newbies.  We're planning an attack on the kids who have worked in the park before and think they know it all.

There's talk of rubber bands and weapons and other evil deeds.  We may not be able to outrun them, but we can definitely out think them.


Chad said...

Looks like you will have plenty of tales by the end of summer.Hang in there,and watch where you step.

Teresa said...

suck it up. you can do this.....and I agree with Chad.. " Watch where you step!!!!" I miss you, and the "Flea" was dead without you!!!!!

Judy said...

Teresa...miss you! I will call. Chad...I have to walk to my room in the dark. I may step in it.

Carole Berney said...

Judy: Bravo! I love the bison poop and the magpie nest and your humor about the inn and its drawbacks. but I'm glad you're not scrubbing out the toilets. Carole

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