Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yellowstone Insider Information

It's another glorious Spring day in my little corner of the
Universe.  The hubby and I walked through out 5 acres and
then roamed onto our neighbor's property. 

This tree stump is in our back yard.  You might question the sanity of taking a sepia photo when everything is in vivid color right now.  You always have the right to question my sanity.
I just thought it looked creepier this way, and I like creepy.

Back to the neighbors.  They have tons of acres, maybe 20 or so, but that's tons to me.  He keeps paths cleared so that all of us can take strolls. 

He does allow his friends to hunt occasionally which makes me nervous.  I don't want to end up strapped to some guy's fender.

We had a great conversation about pole barns and fallow deers.  I won't go into details.  It's a guy thing.  The men around here are amazing.  They run electric to the above mentioned pole barns, shoot and dress their meat for the year, bush hog, chew tobacco, and at the same time play with the wife's little fluffy, pampered dog.  No gender crisis here. 

Heck the women around here are just as capable as the men.  They even have the same tattoos.  Equality is great. 

You're thinking, "Why aren't you getting ready for your Yellowstone trip?"  Good question, but quality time with Mikey is important too.  We discovered that life is pretty darn good when you don't have to work.  Hmmmm.  Who knew?

Here's your Yellowstone facts, trivia and things to know for the day.

My new best friend is Pat at  He and his wife have the Yellowstone website of the century.  If you can't find it there, you aren't trying.  Their tourist safety section has some videos that make you wonder why some people are allowed out of their homes.  No animals were hurt during the filming.  The people got what they deserved.  

Pat and wife will be returning to Yellowstone in June to take pictures of the dorms and other buildings.  This site is going to keep growing and will be a valuable resource for anyone planning a trip or a work adventure.

You also need to check out  It seems that she was in Yellowstone all last winter.  I went through her old posts trying to figure out the time frame and discovered she is a grandmother.  She looks 20 something to me.  Yellowstone must preserve you.  New motivation to get out there before there's nothing left to preserve.

Well, sigh, guess I need to do something productive.  Dinner with friends tonight, and the older son is coming down from Columbus to say goodbye.  He'll be heading out the end of May to join us.

I will leave you with this.

This is how I envision the dormitory at Yellowstone.

This is how I envision the bathrooms.

Anything better than this will be icing on the cake. 

Will there be cake in Yellowstone?


CherylK said...

That video is amazing and you're right...some people should not be let out of their homes! I love the picture of the stump in the woods even if it is a little eerie. That's a great art shot, actually. Let us know if there's cake in Yellowstone!

Judy said...

There had better be cake!

David said...

Yellowstone is opening today at the west gate for cars! My store isn't open until closer to late May, so you can probably find me drinking coffee in the mornings at Ernie's Deli in West Yellowstone. Stop in and I'll introduce you to everyone.

Scott said...

I saw your comment on Chad's blog. Chad and I are good friends and do a lot of photo expeditions together. (Usually without our wives because they think it's boring to sit around and watch us take pictures) We're headed up to Yellowstone Park (again without the wives) and will be there Apr 26th - 28th. As we both live in Utah, we're only about 300 miles from "The Park" and get there every few years. I actually worked in Old Faithful Inn, in housekeeping, for a couple weeks in 1966 (Oops, I may have just given away my age.) We'll see you there. OBTW, do you want us to bring you some cake?

Judy said...

David, Sounds good. Don't know when I'll get to West Yellowstone but will find you where ever you are. Would love to meet the locals.

Scott, Hey! Hope to meet you guys. Bring cake by all means. My husband is still in the dog house for no cake on any of my birthdays.

Pat said...

Judy, thanks for the nomination for "Yellowstone website of the century." lol

We do have a lot of work to do to finish the site out, much of it involving photography of the facilities and other places in the park. I am considering offering people who live in the dorms a little reward for providing photos of the inside of the buildings (I wouldn't feel comfortable as a non-employee going into them to take pics even if that was possible), so maybe you'll be able to help out at some point. ;-)

That video you included used to be shown at the old Canyon Visitor Center. It and a couple of others were set to continuously repeat right near the entrance. It was always fun to stand there and listen to people go "Ooh" when the bison head butts that guy. I wish they'd put it back into the new center, but alas, they didn't.

Anyway, we'll be in touch when we get to OFI, and will be following you here until that point. I'm jealous that you get to go live there all summer.

And David mentioned Ernies! We love that place -we often get breakfast there each morning and stop at the tournout at Seven Mile Bridge, park and eat it as we listen to the Madison River meander by. We usually pick up a fisherman's lunch as well and find a picnic area to enjoy that later in the day.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words about the site. Have a safe trip.

Judy said...

Pat. I mean it. Your site is incredible. I would love to help with pictures. Do we need to be undercover? Can't wait to meet you both. Will be in touch.

Pat said...

Ha. I don't think it's necessary to be undercover. My wife and I had visions of rolling around in a housekeeping cart, popping out to take photos every few seconds when I read that to her. ;-)

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