Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Road Trip to Yellowstone

How did I spend my last day before leaving for Yellowstone?

Ahhhhhhh.  That would have been nice.


Yum.  A nice piece of pie would have hit the spot.


Just kidding folks.  This will never happen.  It's not on the Bucket List, the short list, the A list, the double dare you list...NEVER.

So what did I do?

Do you remember retail Judy?  That's one of my identities.

I worked in our medical uniform store today. 

We hung up merchandise for 4 hours.  The hubby will say I spent more time talking to the women friends, but he is exaggerating.  He always gets dramatic when he has to work.

Our store is at a flea market.  It's a nice flea market, and we have lovely customers most of the time.

Sometimes, though, the clientele gets a little dicey.

They're just good ol' boys looking to pick up some used tools or a new bluetick hound for hunt'n.  Someone was selling hound puppies across from us today.  It's just part of the ambiance at the Flea.

I did get to leave early so that Grizzly son, the girlfriend and I could pack my car.

Before you judge, remember.  I will be gone for six months.  And, I have my oldest son's television, winter clothes, and fishing gear since he is flying out later.  I also have Grizzly son's television.

Now you can look... 

Grizzly complained about taking the picture.

He's worried that we'll have to stop every hour so that I can get a picture for the blog. 

 Bet you thought it would look like this...  

I read someone's post today who is already in Yellowstone.

She suggested bringing a Brita water filter pitcher and a travel coffee mug.

Really?  Do you want to see this?

And finally, Grizzly son entertained me with the condition of the roads at the Gardiner, Montana entrance to Yellowstone.

He relished this. 

He has a cruel streak.

One more night in my bed.

A tearful goodbye with the hubby and Useless Lap Kitty.

The journey finally begins.  Sorry, I'm sounding like one of the knights of the Round Table. 

I'm going to have a great time, meet interesting people, see some wild animals and yes, embarrass my children.

All is well.


Pat said...

Have a safe trip.

darlin said...

Where has the time slipped away here Judy? I just started reading about your adventure what seems like yesterday and you had quite some time to go until this day arrived and lo and behold here it is.

Once again a very interesting read, I chuckled, I forgot about studies, and I got lost in your pre adventure antics. I love it!

Please tell your Grizzly son that you HAVE TO stop when you see something worthy of a photo, your loyal fan(s) here are really wanting to read and see all about your adventure. Did you hear that Grizzly son? :-)

Have a safe trip and take care.

Mike said...

Judy, I miss you already and you haven't even left! By the way, your car is so loaded up that the rear bumper is scraping the driveway (just kidding). Since I have to work all day today, I'll be DVR'ing the golf tournament to watch when I get back home.

Judy said...

Thanks everyone. I actually slept like a baby.'re a royal pain, but I love you. I'd say never change, but....

David said...

Happy Traveling! The weather has been great here.

Teresa said...

All I can say is, aisle 7 at the "Flea" was so boring without you I almost cried.

Jack asked me if I was having "Judy" withdrawals today.

I am glad your going... I am.

But you will be misses greatly.
I look forward to taking SUCH an andventure with you, via this blog.

Did you pack your gift?

Judy said...

David...Is it warm? I didn't pack for warm!

Teresa...I have my gift. It's tucked in my bra where no one will find it.

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