Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Day in Yellowstone Park

I'm in the park, it's my first day of work and I'm trying not to feel like the new kid on the block.

The cool kids are all sitting together at lunch making the rest of us feel like we're dressed funny.  And we are, but they should keep their smirks to themselves.

I know you were all looking forward to the trials and tribulations of me cleaning rooms.  You wanted pictures of me swabbing out a toilet.  It isn't going to happen.  I have a new job already.

I reported to human resources this morning, expecting to pick up my uniform and be on my way.  Instead, they decided that I had the potential to be a guest services person at the front desk at the Old Faithful Inn.  What this really means is that some people didn't show up, they were desperate, I have all of my teeth and they knew that flattery would win me over.

Does the job sound glamorous to you?  I kind of liked the sound of it at first until I realized that I was going to be the complaint person.  Someone else screws up the reservation and they complain to me.  There's a bison sitting on their car and they complain to me.  To top it off, the job pays less than cleaning rooms.

I have been assured that most guests are nice, but the old timers love to thrill us with the horrible stories of summers past.  All I can say is that the thought of pulling something vital in my back, made me jump at the chance to do this.

This is where we are staying while in training...the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.  Try to picture this.  The hotel is not open to guests right now.  We are here for 10 days of  "The customer is always right" classes.

Luxury accommodations, you might think.  Not so much.  You have seen "The Shining."  I'm afraid to turn around.  Those two little girls might be standing there.  I also have the urge to type RED RUM a thousand times.  Here's a shot down the hall  where my room is.

Can't you just see a wall of blood rushing toward you?
Here's the lobby.

It's much creepier at night.  It is night now and there is this horrible clanging sound all around me in the ceiling.  It's probably nothing.

Did I mention that there is one shower stall for women and one shower stall for men on each floor?   There is a sink in each room and one table lamp that is about 40 watts.  I'm living large.

My 20 year old room mate is in bed already.

I have training tomorrow.



darlin said...

LOL, I remember RED RUM!

So you already got demoted,oops, promoted and you didn't even start work yet. They work things sort of funny out in Yellowstone from the sounds of it... don't they know who you are yet? ;-)

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of life... don't ask where that came from. I'm overtired due to lack of sleep over this past few weeks, but woohoo.. it's done. Not a very loud woohoo, to tired... must sleep... but had to check on you before I... ahem... retire for the evening. lol

Nite Judy, hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Pat said...

That's great (about working the desk at OFI), I guess, though I suppose the part about making less probably has a bit of suckage factor associated with it. I hope you speak some foreign languages, too! lol

We'll see you when we check in, perhaps.

Mike said...

Congrats on your "promotion." Just like the Corporate World as I'm intimately familiar with...more responsibility = less pay. Remember, you didn't embark on this odyssey for the money. Otherwise, why take take a 400% pay cut? Follow your bliss and your dream and avoid the toxic people that accrue. RED RUM.

Teresa said...

And what would the protocol be for a umm "bison on the car", complaint? LOL You are gonna have quite an adventure. Much better than cleaning rooms I am sure.

Judy said...

Pat...I will be at Mammoth until May 2nd, so I probably won't see you. I am disappointed. Have a great time.

And to my other friends, I miss you.

Miss you hubby....have you changed the kitty litter?

Pat said...

Judy, we won't be there until the third week of June. Hopefully you will have escaped Mammoth by that point. :)

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