Friday, April 2, 2010

More Not Yellowstone Pictures

Today is photo day at the home place.  I've always liked that phrase, "home place."  Around here, the older folks say this when referring to where they grew up.  They also call their parents mother and father.  My children call me mother when they are being sarcastic.

Anywho....the Yellowstone trip is 16 days off, and I'm filling space while trying to entertain you. 

Remember my previous blog about Christmas trees?  Tapping my foot here.  Go read it or this will fall flat and you'll think this is sorta dumb.  Well, it is, but bear with me.  The point is that daffodils are now blooming next to the 2009 tree.  Winter meets Spring.  Deep, huh?

This is the farm behind our house.  I like to walk out in the back 40 (we only have 5 acres) and admire their property.  It looks so neat.  Keep going and you'll see why I fantasize about living there.

This is the pond at the back of our property.

My husband had it dug when we were in our
remodeling phase.  There are no fish in it.  The deer and other wild creatures appreciate their watering hole, I'm sure.  This could have been my new kitchen.  Again, refer to my previous blog entry, "What I Will Miss in Yellowstone." 

Pond or kitchen.  It was a guy decision.  I will not be bitter.

It's 84 today.  I'm sweating like a pig although pigs don't sweat, but you get the drift.  I can't put on my shorts since I haven't done my summer shaving yet.  At this point you can feel sorry for my husband.

The buds have gone crazy in our yard.  This is back by the pond.  I'm sure the night creatures (coyotes and Big Foot) sleep here during the day, so I didn't linger.   

This is my shadow.  No purpose.  Just a shadow.

Here's one reason I lust after my neighbor's property.  Our basement flooded 4 or 5 years ago.  Some of the carpet got tossed out the basement window.

Hmmmm.  Unless it grows legs, it will probably be there another 4 or 5 years.  I'm claiming it's men's work.  The hubbie is claiming he'll get around to it.

 We're having a stand-off at the Demick residence. 

This is the back of our house.  Our master bathroom is right there where the big window is.  There's no curtain.  You can shower and enjoy nature at the same time.

I caught a squirrel laughing the other day.

We grew tomatoes in those pots 2 years ago.  Now we're growing weeds.  Dead Christmas trees.  Dead tomato plants.  There's a theme developing here.

This is our house from the back.  From a distance, we look real hoity toity for these here parts.  If you got a little closer, you'd see the step ladder on the deck.  It's there from last fall when we were cleaning the gutters.

There's some boxes on the deck, a blue tarp, tools, a broken down grill, a beer can, and a pile of wood. 

It's easy living out here in the country.  We don't worry about the neighbors.  Hell, we don't worry bout nuthin.  We're just simple folks. 

Living in Yellowstone is going to be exciting and a huge change in my life.  I do know in the heart of my hearts that this will be waiting for me when I come back.  The beer can will still be there right off the deck.  The carpet will be deteriorating at the corner of the house.  The Christmas trees will be waiting for the 2010 model.

I call it home.   


Teresa said...

there's no place like home, Judy...
just want to say thanks, for sharing your home. I find many things normal, and charming about it...

Judy said...

Oh, there's more. I don't know if it's charming. Wait until you see the garage!

darlin said...

I adore the realness of this post, nothing glitzy, no glamour, just plain old country living... as described by Judy. I must admit I laughed out loud, the boyfriend turned away from the TV to say "huh?", I just told him that I'm reading a fellow bloggers post and I find her hilarious... he turned back to the TV. One day I might have to do a day spent with my boyfriend blog, I might bore the heck outta others though. Do I care, sometimes, other times I'm contented knowing I am loved... and he too had a few cans littering the patio here at the farm, not anymore, the woman of the house showed up... his maid! lol Just kidding. Thanks for the chuckles!

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