Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Side Tracked on the Road to Yellowstone

(We're taking a minor break from the road to Yellowstone to play a game.  You do like games, don't you?)

You all need to go over to Darlin's blog at darleneslifeforayear.blogspot.com.

She tagged me!

This blogging thing is so much fun.

Tag wasn't any fun for me as a kid since I was all geeky and awkward....I digress.

Back to the point.

Here's how it works.  She was tagged by one of her blogger friends to show the 10th picture she had taken in her first picture folder and to tell the story behind it.  THEN, tag five other people and it just goes on and on and on.

Lots of fun and a little more work than I thought it would be.  Here goes.

I wish this picture was something exciting like finally discovering Bigfoot in my yard.  I do think he lives back in the woods somewhere.  But, alas, it is just a picture of my house.

I've only had my camera a short time, and I was trying to capture the trees budding. I deliberately didn't show the old carpet laying on the ground outside the basement window.  It had been there for several years which started a whole battle with my husband who insisted my youngest son was supposed to move it a long time ago.

The happy ending of the story is that my son came over today to haul some wood and the carpet got moved!  Actually, it got dragged farther out into the woods, but at least I don't have to look at it anymore.  So, I guess this story has a beginning, middle and end.  I am pleased with any progress around the homeplace.

Now, I get to tag 5 other people.  This is hard since I don't want to leave anyone out.  This all goes back to my geeky  youth when I was always picked last.  I digress again.  So here are the 5 blogs I have selected.

Adele at http://borderdweller.blogspot.com.  I know Adele will tag her friends, so I'm not worried about leaving them out.

Tom at http://hiramtom.blogspot.com.

Lucy and Dick at http://freeblogphotos.blogspot.com.  They actually let you use their photos for free!


Sherry at http://niteswimming365.blogspot.com.

I do have an honorable mention.  I hope I can break the rules a little.  Will the blog police come after me?  What the heck.

I like http://blog.yellowstonetraders.com.  He has a store in West Yellowstone, but the pictures on his blog are awesome.  It's o.k. to blog and make money at the same time.  Wish I could. 

Whew!  This has been fun but all of this running and tagging has worn me out.  I need a rest.


POD said...

Judy, thanks for stopping and commenting on my photo yesterday. It was a surprise to see a new name. I was tagged by Darlin also so I have to get my youknowwhat together and get on that! I'll check out more of your blog. Love Yellowstone but then find a person who doesn't.

David said...

Posted! http://blog.yellowstonetraders.com/blog/465

darlin said...

LOL this is so much fun! Now I have to check out who you all tagged, go and visit their blog sites! Thanks for being a sport Judy.

Hi POD, yup still waiting! lol

sherry said...

Hey Judy, thanks for the tag. I'll hunt down our 10th photo when I get home. :)

Judy said...

David...thanks for posting so fast. Oops Sherry, you are on vacation aren't you? The blog pressure never ends. Darlin, this has been fun. I need a rest, though. Whew!

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