Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Miss or Not to Miss. That is the Question.

I want you all to think about this.  You're going away for six months and you will be cut off from many things you take for granted.  No, Sparky, you're not going to prison or rehab.  You're working at Yellowstone National Park where television is a laughable concept, cell phone reception is marginal and relaxing spa soaks just ain't going to happen.  What would you miss and what would  you be happy to give up?

What I Think I Will Miss

Privacy.  Not to get graphic or vulgar but I'm not used to using public facilities for my sit downs.  I don't think I need to elaborate here, but most of us are used to the closed door policy for bodily functions.

Baked Potatoes.  I often make a baked potato for dinner when I'm not feeling like cooking, which is most nights.  I like to top them with a variety of things like cheese or veggies.  O.K., so it sounds silly but I've been hooked on spuds for a long time.  If I was stranded on a deserted island and there was a microwave, and I could bring one food, it would be a potato.  Since it's a fantasy, I'd throw in some sour cream and chives too.

NPR.  National Public Radio has been my driving buddy for a long time.  Sorry, professors, but I've learned more on NPR than I ever learned in class.  I could cheat and take a peak at their website if I have time, but there is something special about hearing the stories.  

Ummmm....Other than people I love, I'm having trouble here.  I'm pretty low maintenance, so maybe I won't miss many things.  I don't like getting dressed up or drinking lattes.  I don't get my nails done.  I'll have to get to you on this after I've been in Yellowstone for a while.

What I Think I Won't Miss

The News.  My husband and I watch CNN every morning, and as much as I love it, I need a break.  Earthquakes, unemployment, murder, politicians, celebrities...I'll gladly give you all up for six months. 

Social Work.  Take that documentation and shove it.  I think that says it all.

Driving.  I want to walk to work, which I will, and I don't want to get in a car unless we're driving to another part of Yellowstone. 

I'm sure this topic will be revisited down the road.  Give me a few weeks in Yellowstone and then we'll talk over drinks at a cute little cafe. cute little cafe.  I'll be cleaning rooms, eating in the employee cafeteria, sharing a bathroom with total strangers...Could someone send me a baked potato, please?  And maybe some air freshener? 


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