Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Will Miss in Yellowstone

You've seen the trees of Christmas past, and you have some idea that Martha Stewart doesn't live here.

Here is further proof.

We inherited our house from the in-laws. Improvements were made, but a few things from the 60's still linger.

What were we thinking?

Why didn't we remodel the kitchen first?

Will orange ever be the new white?

We have a jacuzzi tub that we never use.

We have a deck the size of a football field and two of us sit on it...rarely.

The orange shag carpet in the living room has been replaced.  Thank you.

The money ran out right here. 

I've grown accustomed to my orange.  Perhaps even like it.  If I wait long enough, everyone will be jealous that their kitchen doesn't look like mine.
One good thing.  It will be waiting for me when I get back from Yellowstone.  So will hubby and useless lap kitty.  There is comfort in things that don't change.


darlin said...

Interesting cupboards Judy, real retro for sure. If they are functionable and work for you why change them? Like the old saying goes "If it's not broke, don't fix it."

I am a tad bit envious of the hot tub, poor neglected hot tub. I love going out to the farm, if for no other reason than to sit in the hot tub just off the huge patio. Thursday night I'm so there!

Have a good one!

Judy said...

Maybe I should rent the hot tub. It could finance my trip to Yellowstone.

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