Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bison in Yellowstone Park

I know that I've shown you lots of bison poo.  I think it's time that we talk about the creature who makes numerous piles around Yellowstone Park.

I was stumbling to work this morning,  not paying too much attention to my surroundings, and wowee, zowees...there they were.

That's the Old Faithful Inn in the background.

I needed to get there by 7 a.m.

That sidewalk is "usually" where I walk.

This isn't the best picture, but my hands were cold, fear was slowing my reflexes and more were headed my way.  I did what I could.

I made as wide a path as I could around them.  I frantically waved at a young man on his cell phone walking down the sidewalk, directly into danger.

I was successful, so don't worry about any bloody pictures.

Later in the day, Grizzly son and I took a drive to find bears or wolves, but all we came up with were more bison.

This herd had lots of calves.

They are also called "red dogs" because of their coloring.

Isn't it amazing how the babies can be so cute and then grow up to bison.  Not cute.  Impressive, though.

There were lots of babies in this herd.

This must be the queen bison mother.

Sweet little babies.

Don't you just want to take them home for the kids to play with?

Got a couple hundred acres of grass for them to munch on?

Now for bison facts.

The bison is the largest land animal in North America.  Even bigger than Oprah off her diet.  Sorry about that.

The male bison stands 6 feet tall from hoof to shoulder and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.  And you wonder why they give me the creepie crawlies.

The hump on the back of bison is from the movement they make back and forth with their heads to dig through the snow.  These nasty looking creatures eat vegetation and digging through Yellowstone snow builds up some big muscles in their necks and shoulders.

The female has one calf and the gestation period is nine months.  Their health insurance only allows one day in the hospital which leads to some problems, but.....oops, health care is a whole other discussion.

Bison can run up to 30 mph.  I can't.  I am afraid.

Bison behavior is unpredictable.  They can appear lazy and then for no reason, just take off after you, a car, a tour bus, or another bison.  Remember the 30 mph and the 2000 pounds?  This is a bad combination.

I'll leave you with this link from Animal Planet.

I'm not sure how it ends as my video capabilities here in Yellowstone Park are minimal.  I hope there isn't any blood and gore.  Let me know.

For now, I will stay alert.  No stepping in bison poo, and I will be looking behind trees for the moody things.


POD said...

I never saw the red dogs before though I am quite familiar with Oprah off her diet because she models herself after me.
What about bisonpoo shoes? High heels? Could be all the rage at Bryant Park.

darlin said...

LOL Oprah off her diet, good one Judy! The babies sure are cute, not good for a house pet though with the size they grow to be yet one man is training a baby to ride in his car and the buffalo apparently lives in the home with the family. I can't even imagine but I sure thought of you when I seen that on the telly the other night. I'm not sure how I managed to catch that on TV, I don't hardly have enough time in a day to sleep never mind watch TV!

Interesting facts, but I'm off to bed here and will visit again soon. Take care and sounds like you should order some hip waders to walk to work so that you don't get covered in poo!

Good night Judy!

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