Sunday, May 2, 2010

There are no Dancing Bears in Yellowstone

 For you entertainment today, The Dancing Bear.  We have used this in class to relieve the tension and to offer a little aerobic exercise.

We leave tomorrow for Old Faithful.  I took a walk on the Terrace just to say good-bye to this part of the Park.  I probably won't see it again until we leave in October.

There were some tourists on my walk.  How dare they?

I still managed to find a private spot to be alone with my thoughts.  Amazingly, I had no thoughts.  The good thing about being in nature this beautiful is that your problems become overshadowed by what you are seeing.


As I walked down from the Terrace, this sign caught my eye.

Here's a closer view of the picture at the bottom.

Off to the side, where you can't see her is the mother of the boy.  She's upset.

Little Jimmy is ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes and legs.

There are warnings everywhere for tourists, drunks, and well....tourists with dogs.  You shouldn't let Fluffy out of the car.

No more grooming bills if he falls through the crust into the lava.

There are some nice homes in Mammoth Hot Springs.  Rumor has it that the Park big shots have homes here.

The bison are not impressed.  They were camped all around this house.

Yard work must be interesting here.

Here's my excitement for the day...a baby bison.

Brittany?  Brian?  Biff?

I couldn't say for sure.

Isn't he/she adorable?  And to think it will grow up to be a Bob.

Here's some bison facts for you....

Bison can stand 6 feet at the shoulder and weigh over a ton.
They can run at 40 m.p.h. which is a lot faster than than I can run between dorms no matter how frightened I am.

If there tail is standing straight up they are either doing their business or really, really, mad and it would be a wise move to MOVE!

I leave you with this.

A large restroom?

A restroom for mammoths?

I love signs.


Scott said...

Your posts are so fun. I went in that restroom last Tuesday and I didn't see any Mammoths, nor was it really all that large, nor did it look like it had room for a bus, maybe a really small one, or the short bus, but I was glad it was there anyway.

sherry said...

I'm loving your blog. :)

carole Berney said...

Judy: It's all hilarious! You made me laugh, big time...Thanks, Carole

Judy said...

Thanks everyone. I love your comments.

darlin said...

Beautiful homes in the park but I'd much rather clean up after a small dog then a herd of buffalo, ewww! I must admit that the baby is so cute, mind you anything baby that I've seen to date is so sweet and adorable... then they grow up! lol Can you tell I'm wiped today?

Loved your blog once again Judy, I'd best post my pic before I rest my head on my keyboard and wake up with the dfghjklrtyuiovbnm on my face, now that would be embarrassing to show up to work at a treatment center looking like that! Try explaining that one eh? lol

Good night Judy, have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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