Friday, May 14, 2010

Is There a Dentist in Yellowstone Park?

It was a good day, really it was. 

The sky was blue.

The weather was mild.

Work went well.

Yellowstone Park was my friend and home sweet home.

My oldest son will be here in a few days.

The roads are open and there is more exploring to do.  Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah it's a wonderful day.

You know where this is headed don't you?

I am having a DENTAL CRISIS and I am in the middle of nowhere.

I bit on something at lunch and discovered later that part of a back molar is broken....down to the gums.

The filling is floating precariously on top of the break.

I called the health clinic for the Old Faithful area, hoping for solace or a little advice.

I use this image because this was how I envisioned the doctor who spoke to me on the phone.

He had no referrals for a dentist.

He said if I found a good one to let him know so he could pass it on to anyone else who needed one.

Do I look like a referral service?

I need help.  I need hand holding.  I'm going to need a lot of money!

It seems that there are no dentists in the area.

It seems that I may have to travel a ways to find one. 

Here's the route I will have to take.

Maybe I should pack a bag.

Seriously, it will be at least a two hour drive to get to the nearest dentist.

In case you haven't noticed, today is Friday.  Dentists don't work on the weekend.  They have better things to do like spend their money.

For who knows how long, I have to keep my tongue from exploring the area.  You know how you want to keep poking at something like that.  I have to eat on one side of my mouth.

It doesn't hurt....YET.

I know the dentist will want to pull it.  I'll have to get a burka.  I am not a toothless person.

Even worse, he'll have some fantastic way to save the tooth which will require multiple visits and all of the money I will make in six months at Yellowstone Park.

Do I need to mention that I have never, ever had a dental emergency?

 This is not the time or place for this.  Will I wake up in the morning and discover it was just a nightmare or will I wake up and find my tooth on the pillow?

Don't try to make a toothless old woman smile.   And don't send candy with nuts.


Mike said...

So sorry, Judy. Dr. Ed works Saturday. You want me to send the jet to pick you up and bring you to Wilmington for some drilling? Seriously, been surfing the net for some me when you can.

Teresa said...

Judy, I feel your pain, and not just talking about the tooth.

... In the middle of nowhere.... and ain't got no money... and my tooth is broke down.

Sounds like a country song, or at least it should be.

Just hoping a solution comes quickly for you, and real teeth later in life are much overated. I prefer the NO PAIN, EVER scenerio.

Miss you dearly my friend.

Judy said...

Miss you Teresa...why don't you write that country song for me?

sherry said...

From your map, it looks like you're heading toward my neck of the woods in northern California. This is good because I have an awesome dentist.

BTW - your photos are terrific!

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