Sunday, May 9, 2010

Take a Hike in Yellowstone National Park

It's picture day folks.  Roomie and I had the same day off, so we decided to celebrate Mother's Day the way it was intended to be celebrated....hiking in the beauty of nature and no obligation to make our own special day dinner.

Our first stop was the Midway Geyser Basin.

More bubbling and steaming and spooky landscape.  What in the world did the first people who crossed this land think?

I know it makes me want to knock on the door of the gods and say, "huh?"

There is a river running past the Basin.  Hot water is pouring into the river.

No fishing here unless you like them cooked on the hook.

Here's roomie on the board walk.

It's a great place to watch tourists letting their toddlers run free.

There are no rails between you and the bubbling, microbe filled water.

More steaming, microbe filled water.

I wouldn't know how.

More geyser activity.

You knew there would be bison.

These fellows decided to take a stroll down the road.

You haven't lived until one of them turns a red, beady eye on you as you attempt to drive past them.

I keep hoping that a tourist will get too close to one so that I can share a car goring. 

And then we found Firehole Falls.  A magnificent drive through a gorge.

No caption needed.

There is a spot on the river that is heated by thermal activity.  The water is warm enough to soak in if you are brave enough to climb down the rocks to get there.

I was a little concerned about this pipe that appears to travel from the two outhouses by the road, down to the river.

There might be another reason the water is warm.

Roomie and I decided that Yellowstone has the longest days in the world.  We got up, had breakfast, went on several short hikes, took a nap and it was only 3:30. 

I have now been to dinner, took another short walk and it is 6:30.  Maybe it's the altitude.

More tomorrow if it ever arrives.


Carole Berney said...

Judy: I'm thinking of you and hoping this transition begins to get easier soon! You are such a humorous writer, I hope you keep this up! Carole

Scott said...

It's so fun to read your blog and laugh along with you. It's also fun to see the places we visited just a couple weeks ago. So, John, er I mean Judy, keep it up.

Joni said...

Happy Mother's Day Judy! From reading this wonderful blog I can tell you are a strong woman - hang in there! When today passes and the weather warms, things will get better. You are very lucky to have this experience ... Keep telling yourself that :-)

darlin said...

That's awesome Judy that you spent some time with your roomie, sounds like you didn't harm her which in my opinion is a good thing!

Very nice photos. Question time, so what do tourists all find to do if you did all this and still had all that time on your hands? And now I'm really curious as to what the average stay is there, any idea?

Happy Mother's Day and see you tomorrow if the time permits!

Judy said...

Grandma Darlin...Right now, there are limited things for tourists to do. some of the roads are closed and there are no tour buses running. Also, no fishing or horseback riding. Things don't really jump until June. I have checked in people staying 5 days and more staying 1 or 2 nights. Some people just like to walk around Old Faithful Inn and then come inside for a drink by the fire. If you have lots of money, you can enjoy yourself.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have plans to improve my life. Time will tell.

Mike said...

We need more pictures of Judy! Have the Roomie and hiking mates take your picture along with the ample sights as you are the best looking woman in the Park, although I'm a little bit prejudiced. And I'm scheduled for an eye exam next month. LOL. Love and miss my Judy!

POD said...

I think you've already improved your life by going to Yellowstone and taking this trip and going for the adventure. Who does this?!? When I visited, we went in May, right before Memorial Day. It was snowing when I went though the week prior it was 80 degrees. The park was lovely. We stayed in the little cabin type things near Old Faithful.

I doubt I'd ever have the courage to do what you are doing. Accepting long days can be difficult.

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