Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can You Really Herd Bison in Yellowstone?

No photos today as I toiled at the Old Faithful Inn front desk from 7:00 to 3:00.  More of the same tomorrow.  And the day after. 

By nine o'clock, most of my check outs looked like this.

A lady found herself locked in her bathroom when the door knob fell off.  She was trapped for half an hour until her husband returned.  Note to self.  Take cell phone into bathroom.

Everyone had a leaky faucet, a slow draining tub, a door that opened on its own, etc.

Our inside line is that The Old Faithful Inn is "historic."  Translated....older than hell.  And you pay a lot for that historic charm.  If you are going to be in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, you should expect rustic.  Right?

A little secret between you an me.  The guests think there is no wi-fi in the Park.  We have it in the dorms.  Shush.

The big event of the day was the bison haze or herding. 

I didn't take this picture as I was working.  I want to keep reminding you that I am working here.  I am not on a photo holiday, sipping Moose Drool beer with a handsome cowboy.  Really hubby.  The Marlboro Man isn't here.  Zippy the Pin Head and his friend Jo Jo the Dog Boy live next door to me in the dorm.  Really.

Back to the bison hazing.  It seems that the bison can't quite figure out where the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park are.  I hear that their eyesight isn't very keen, so they don't read the signs telling them they are not welcome....anywhere.  The ranchers are afraid that they carry disease and don't want them near their cattle.

Personally, I think all of that bison poop annoys them.  Don't they know they can make a fortune on bison poop jewelry and ornaments? 

So, today, the cowboys herded them back into the Park.  Great plan.  Nothing could go wrong.  No reason for them to just turn around tomorrow and head back to better grazing land.  Personally, I wouldn't try to stop one.

Now here is the fun, mess with the tourists, part.  There are only two roads out of Yellowstone that are officially open.  This bison haze closed one of them down for two hours.  The other road that leads to Mammoth Hot Springs, has construction going on that can hold traffic up for at least half an hour. 

Tee hee.  So sorry.  Hope you have a nice trip.  Pack a lunch. 

Things are getting better in my little world.  The front desk has loosened up a bit.  The big shots have gone back to wherever they hang out.  Hopefully over a bubbling geyser.  I had dinner with one of my co-workers and discovered that she has a brain.  We discussed Buddhism, of all things.  The other women became uncomfortable and headed for second helpings of dessert.  There may be light in the wilderness.  If there is one with a brain, there may be more.

Time to put the earplugs in and settle into my dormitory bedroom.  More tomorrow from Yellowstone National Park.  Sleep well.


POD said...

Great post. I love that people complain and that you get to listen. I never complain at a hotel or places like that. Well, not yet at least.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who gave the Montana Dept. of Livestock permission to take over our National Park anytime they want to. They abuse all of the wildlife and most of the visitors. And...they get 4 million of our tax dollars to do so. Guess what...there are NO CATTLE IN THE WEST YELLOWSTONE AREA TO GIVE BRUCILLOSIS TO. Great snow job by the government, huh?

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