Monday, May 3, 2010

Working at Old Faithful

Big move today from Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful.  It was snowing, of course.  I won't bore you with more snow pictures.  Besides, it's kind of hard to take pictures when you have a death grip on the steering wheel.  Yes, I am a BIG CHICKEN.  We have snow in Ohio, but we don't have mountains.

This looks like my bus trip the other day minus the snow.

We arrived at the personnel office to get our room assignments.  Amazingly, my roommate, Sybil, and I made out like bandits.  We were assigned a room in Bitter Root dorm and joy of all joys, we have our own bathroom.

Here's the front of our luxurious accommodations.

The wings extend on either side.  We are on the ground floor to the left.

Now walk down the hallway with me.  Watch where you're going, there are a couple of steps.

Here's my bed.  It's already looking like a dorm room.  You can't see the case of  beer under the bed and the bong in the closet.

I am kidding.  I've progressed or regressed to mixed drinks and early to bed.

There's our toilet.  The shower is to the left and the sink to the right.

I just killed a spider in the tub.  Since we're in Yellowstone, I'm assuming it was poisonous or capable of dragging me out of bed at night.

Grizzly son suggested that if I saw one spider, there will be more.  There are times the boy should just be quiet.

This is our laundry room and the only free service we get here.

Not everyone in our class was happy today.  Judith had been stuck with the sniper while we were in training.

She was sure that the move would give her a chance to be free at last.  She would have lived with Kate Gosselin and the eight kids to get away from this woman, but then the lady in human resources exercised her power.  Since Judith was standing next to her, they were assigned as roommates.

Sybil and I exchanged glances and made a dash for the door.  We couldn't bear to look at Judith.  Fortunately, Judith is down the hall from us, and we can offer some consolation. Did I tell you that her roommate sleeps on top of the covers with a towel over her face?

Several members of our class our equally unhappy.  Two of the younger women were assigned to Laurel Dorm which is the run down, party house with fungus filled bathrooms.  Promises have been made that moves can be made in several weeks.  Just like college.

I spent some time with Grizzly and girlfriend at the Employee Pub which is almost next door to our dorm.  This could be a bad thing.  So many beers, so little time.

I just discovered that my roommate snores like a truck driver.  She brought ear plugs for her unsuspecting roommate.  She is a considerate woman.

That's all from the land of strange happenings.  Same time, same place tomorrow.


Scott said...

When I worked there, I won't tell you what year, but It was before Woodstock, my roomate and I had a log cabin/yert kind of thing with a wood burning stove to keep warm at night, that made your room look like a suite at the Ritz Carlton. I think we had to catch a bus to get to the showers and we had to stand in lines with the bears to go to the bathroom. Oh the good life.

Davine said...

Even though I have not commented much I am so enjoying your posts.

Mike said...

Hi Judy. Hate to break it to you, but you are no slouch in the snoring department. In fact, you can probably give Roomie a run for her money. If you ever lose your earplugs, you can break off cigarette filters and stuff 'em...worked well for me in the Infantry!~ I'll be in Phoenix tonight and have decided to leave my laptop at home, so I'll check in tomorrow on Jackie's 'puter. Useless Kitty can't figure out why your lap isn't here. I've put razor wire around me with an electrified fence to boot, so she's officially "lapless." Have a good day and bware of the mystery shoppers! BTW, Tara says hi and said Hospice's count is up. Poor Fawn.

Jamie said...

I worked at Yellowstone about 10 years ago at the upper Hamilton store back when it was still Hamilton's store. Anyway, I had a blast and loved my dorm. I was able to watch old faithful from my bedroom window. Amazing. A little work while on vacation-working in a National Park was the best thing I ever did. I hope life offers me another chance. Thanks for the posts.

Jane said...

I was looking through blogs and what not to see about what village life is like at Yellowstone, did you travel with friends? Because my best friend and I would like to know if we'll be separated when it comes to housing. If you could shoot me a message back I would be very appreciative.

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