Thursday, May 13, 2010

Geezer Geyser Gazing in Yellowstone National Park

It's almost starting to feel like Spring in Yellowstone National Park.  The temperature was somewhere in the high 40's or low 50's.  Whoo hoo!  Where are my shorts?

Nothing new to report at the front desk.

It got busy after I left which broke my heart.  I walked through the Old Faithful Inn and sent out a little prayer to my fellow Guest Service Agents.

"May the guests be pleasant, may I remember which function key to hit and please, Lord, may I be the one picked to leave early.  Amen." 

After work, some friends from the Mammoth Hot Springs location came down to visit Old Faithful.

Old Faithful is a part of the Upper Geyser Basin.

There is a lot more to look at than just the big OF.

There are little bubbling things.

Colorful things.

Colorful microbes in the water.

And of course, the Big OF.

You can't just watch it one time.

We met Ranger George who is apparently quite famous.

When you go on the official Yellowstone Park website, he narrates some of the videos.

He met his wife while working as a bellman at the Old Faithful Inn.  She was working the front desk.

Bad news is brewing. 

More and more tourists are invading my beautiful summer home.

These people are watching OF erupt.

Soon the roads will be clogged with tourists staring at bison.  They are just big, ugly COWS!  Move on!

Apologies to the hubby now.  I tried to order some books from Alibris, which is a great discount book website, and it got all mucked up.  My first order, according to the message I received, did not go through.  So today, I did it again.  This time, I forgot to change the shipping address to Yellowstone Park. 

You probably have an idea where this is heading.  Both orders went through.  So, I have one order going to my home in Xenia and the same order going to Yellowstone.  Allibris books are sold by individual sellers.  I sent messages to them asking to cancel the last order.  I'm not sure if I got charged twice.  I couldn't get a message to go through to Alibris customer service.  My computer decided to plot against me.  My cursor was jumping uncontrollably all over the screen.  ARGGGGHHHHHH!

It's time for bed.  I can tell cause roomy is snoring away.  Such a sweet sound.  Time for the earplugs.

Work at 6:15 a.m.  That is inhuman for a woman my age who will probably not be able to get coffee before work.

I will tackle my internet order again tomorrow.  I'll probably get a 3rd set of books.  Maybe I can set up a store here and make some extra money on the side. 


darlin said...

LOL wish you all the luck on the book thing!

Buffalo are not just big old ugly cows Judy, not in my opinion... my suggestion, order a book about buffalo when you try to fix your order! lol When you get three copies of that book I'll buy one off of you... as I sit here and chuckle.

I don't have much time anymore to sit here and enjoy blogs, damn. I'm gone for 11 hours a day to work for free for 8 hours, I'm doing something wrong!

Have a good day and I'm sure that you've got those keys all mastered and with your personality how can the customers not love you?

Scott said...

Hi, I spent a few minutes this morning catching up on all the goings on up there. That swan you had a photo of a couple days ago is like OF it was the same place every time we drove by. I began to wonder if it was a decoy anchored down. We never did see a coyote or a bear though, I'm so jealous. It sounds like you're having more and more fun every day. We're still planning that visit in September. How long are you there for?

Judy said...

Grandma Darlin...bison are frightening, annoying and I admit, impressive. It's just that they are everywhere. I'm afraid of running into one on the way to work early in the morning.

Scott...the plan is to be here until the end of October. We will see.

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