Thursday, May 6, 2010

Show Time at the Old Faithful Inn

Well, folks, tomorrow is the big day.

At 10:30 tomorrow morning, yours truly will be standing behind this counter, waiting for the first guests to walk through the door of the Old Faithful Inn.

I will be wearing my stylish maroon shirt and black pleated pants. 

My hair will be flat from pulling a hood over my head to make the walk in sub zero weather.

Is it really May?  It snows every day here. 

And yet, girls wear flip flops and Capri pants to lunch. 

The Old Faithful Inn staff has been working nonstop to get this place ready for tomorrow.  Managers are having melt downs in their offices.  I have talked to grown women who have tears running down their faces because they can't figure out how to do their jobs.

We all have colds of varying degrees.  Some people are making out their wills in shaky hands.  I'm just hacking a little.  One would think that temperatures below 10 degrees would kill most germs. 

As my hubby commented about my last post, it's kind of like his time in Alaska when he served in the Army.  He brags about those days in the far north.  I feel that I deserve some bragging rights about this adventure in Yellowstone.  I may not be carrying a 200 hundred pound duffel bag up a mountain (his bag gets heavier every time he tells the story) but I am enduring this at an advanced age.

The best part of the day was the free meal we got at the Old Faithful Inn tonight.
My battery died, so this is the only picture I have.

The wait staff and kitchen staff need to do a "shake down" before opening day.  We got to order from the menu like real people.

For the first time in weeks, I sat down while someone served me.

We didn't have to eat on cafeteria trays or dump our leftover food in trash cans.

It was pleasant even if our stone faced waitress did drop a glass full of Pepsi on the floor beside us.  She remained calm, or perhaps sullen, while she cleaned it up. 

All things considered, we had fun.  The dining room is beautiful, the food was free and we had a "night out." 

Cross everything you have tomorrow.  I've done things harder than this, like having babies and listening to
Rush Limbaugh, but for some reason this minimum wage job has me tied up in knots. 

I can and will do this.  All is well.


David Barnes said...

Old Faithful Inn is really gorgeous. Talk one of the bellhops into taking you up to the crow's nest.

Mike said...

Can't wait to hear about your "first day at school." Can you post a pic of you at your work station in your stylish uniform? Do you all get together b4 work and have a pep talk like WalMart and Sam's? DaVita?

Judy said...

Will try to get a picture tomorrow. No, we do not sing but we high five.

Judy said...

They were supposed to be offering trips to the Crow's Nest, but it never happened. Maybe before the season is out, I'll sweet talk my way up there.

Jennifer C. said...

Good luck & have fun.

Scott said...

Too bad about the batteries, but with an opportunity like that for free food and getting waited on, who cares about a couple photos. Sure enjoying your blog.

Pat said...

Judy, are you working a regular day shift - say 8AM - 4PM or something like that? Or what? How do they schedule you guys at the front desk?

Judy said...

Pat...don't know where your comment went, but will answer it anyway. Today I worked 10:30 to 4:00. Tomorrow, 2-10. Day Off. 2:30-10:45, Day off. Etc. This is the first week, so I don't know if it will always be varied. They want us to work all shifts for a while to learn check-ins and check-outs. Crazy life.

darlin said...

What a beautiful place, I LOVE the decor. That's awesome that you got to get served and had a good time just before you get ready to do what you've set out to do. You go girl! You'll do just fine!

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