Saturday, May 15, 2010

On The Road in Yellowstone Park

In case you didn't read yesterday's post, and I know you did because you are loyal and  my best friends in the whole world, I have a broken tooth.  It doesn't hurt yet.  I can't see a dentist until next week.  I will have to drive at least two hours to see one.  I am in the middle of Yellowstone National Park. I am supposed to put tree sap on my tooth and be a brave Indian.   Now, is everyone caught up here? 

Although my trials are many, it was a beautiful day again.  The temperature must have been in the high 50's which is springtime in Wyoming.  The road to the south is open.  Hooray!  New territory to discover.  Grizzly's girlfriend, Jamie, took me for a ride.

Just down the road from Old Faithful, I discovered Kepler Cascades.  Well, obviously, I didn't "discover" it since there was a sign there to point it out.

Absolutely incredible.

The walkway hangs over the cascades.

This shot was taken leaning over the railing and looking straight down.

Don't get dizzy.

Look at me!  I am standing at the Continental Divide.

O.K., I had to look it up to make sure I got it right.  The Divide is the hydrological divide of the Americas that separate the watersheds. 

Simply put, along this mountainous ridge, water flows to the Pacific and to the Atlantic.  The elevation is so high that the water just wants to get the heck back to the oceans where it belongs.

And then we got to Yellowstone Lake.  Ohhhhh Myyyyy Gooooooodnessssssss.  Can you tell I'm impressed?

It is huge and the water is still frozen.

We're standing out there with no jackets, looking at a frozen lake. 

Of course, it's Yellowstone Park, so there are steaming geysers right along the lake.

Why not?

This is looking across the frozen lake to steam rising on the other side.

Geysers are everywhere and pop up in the strangest places.

We stopped briefly at West Thumb where a huge geyser field sits right next to the Yellowstone Lake.

There is an extensive board walk, and I will be back to walk it all.

The sad news today is that my friend, Susan, has decided to go back home.  I am driving her to Bozeman tomorrow to catch a plane.  I've probably touched on some of the reasons that people don't like it here, and I may have to wait until I leave to reveal all.  Let us just say that some of the employees are....ummmmmm.....let me see......have you ever seen the Walmart website with pictures of customers?  Check it out.  These could be our co-workers.  It ain't pretty.

So, the one person, outside of my front desk group, who could have kept me company here, is going away.  Only the good leave early, I believe.  She has to do what makes her happy, but I am glad I got to know her just a little bit.

I may hit the employee pub for a little bit tonight.  They are having a beach party.  Can I take pictures without anyone noticing?   I don't think I can pass this photo op up.  It may win me an award or a job with the Enquirer.  More from Yellowstone tomorrow.  Sleep tight my friends.


greentangle said...

Too bad you can't combine the airport and dentist trips. I'm not sure about Gardiner, but someone in Bozeman must have teeth. Good luck.

I wish I could work at Lake; I'd feel much more at home, though I should be used to waterfalls too. Have you seen anything about transferring or applying for other jobs? How about YCERP--Yellowstone Coop Employee Recreation Program? Their website calendar says: "Summer 2010 activities begin early May - look for calender postings in mid April!" I'm still looking.

Judy said...

No dentists open on the weekend. The employee rec program is open if that is what you mean. They have some midnight hikes scheduled for the Old Faithful area. I'm not transferring jobs as I work with some of the better people in the Park. There are other jobs open, but it seems they are overstaffed in some areas right now.

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