Monday, May 24, 2010

Surprise...It Snowed in Yellowstone Park

I'm posting early today because it's back to work at 2:30 and off at 10:45.  This is what I saw when I opened my blinds today.

Yellowstone Park likes to surprise you once in a while. 

Or always.

It is 39 degrees today with more snow and 30 degrees tomorrow with more snow.

More snow....more snow....more snow.  If I say it often enough, I will accept my fate.

I have to admit that it is beautiful.  There is no wind and it feels quite mild.

These two love birds live across the hall from me.

They are walking to work.

They are happy because they have a full bar in their room.  Their door was open yesterday and they were making Long Island Ice tea.  They didn't offer me any.

The down side to the slushy snow is this.

The path to the employee dining room is under construction.

We have to walk through this and up some icy steps to get our gruel. 

For the last two days, the young man dishing out the slop has complained of being sick.  Hopefully, I am immune to all germs after living here for a  month.

I decided to walk around the Old Faithful Geyser basin for some exercise and got to take this great shot of Old Faithful going off.

These are the times I long for the expensive camera, but I'm pretty happy with the results from my simple digital.

I know you've been missing the poo.

Picture title, "Snow on bison poo at Yellowstone Park."

It could win an award.

This sign greeted me at the start of my walk.

How many of you see this when you take a stroll?

And if you did, wouldn't you just run back to your warm bed?

I bravely plodded on down the trail anyway.

There were other people around who looked tastier than me.

There were animal prints on either side of the path, leading into the woods.

I'm pretty sure they were bison tracks, but they were nowhere in sight.


I made it back without seeing one animal.

They were probably sipping hot cocoa somewhere.

These ravens were outside the general store.

You can't tell, but these fellows are the size of a Beagle. 

On the domestic side, I finally washed my sheets.

If you can't tell, they are flannel and have snowmen and Christmas trees on them.  They were on sale.

My room is so cramped that I have to move two end tables just to make my bed.

I'm thinking this sheets will be clean enough until the end of June.

Way too much work to change them.

No adventures tomorrow as I work some weird midday shift from 9 to 6.  I will be asking for your help though.  I have several ideas for a blog when I get home.  Obviously the Yellowstone Dreaming won't work if I'm writing about incontinence.  Don't worry, that's not one of my topics. 

I will be asking for your opinions and suggestions.  Until then, enjoy the warm weather where ever you are.


greentangle said...

Man, all your snow would be the highlight of my Yellowstone season. I'll be rooting for a summer blizzard after I get there.

I know you didn't ask for our opinions and suggestions yet, but when you get back to O-hi-o please write about anything except Buckeyes. I lived in Columbus for almost a year and heard enough about Buckeyes to last a few lifetimes.

Mike said...

Judy, do you think you're roughing it? Got a mattress, got heat, got running water, got flush toilets, got a shower? I didn't, just a 6 ft bunk with springs and a 'mattress' about an inch thick for 4 days a week: and the other 3 days-a sleeping bag, a poncho, bath in my steel helmet, slit trench and C-rations. Well, I was only 20 at the biggie. I wouldn't and couldn't and do it now! That's why the Government instituted the draft targeting young men because anyone older would go to Canada. Snow? We pretty much had at least 6 feet on the ground from August to May, but we were provided the clothes and the equipment to survive all for $161.00 net a month. But that was 42 years ago. Maybe it's time for Xanterra to embrace the Millenium? By the way, for all you Yellow'stoners' who can't watch the tube, the oil slick from the BP rig in the Gulf is wreaking havoc on the LA coast up to 10 miles inland. Thinking maybe this is Obama's 'Katrina.' We get our shrimp in Ohio from the Indian Ocean, but my heart goes out to the Gulf fishing industry entrepreneurs cause they're finished. Miss you, Judy!

POD said...

Bison poo with snow killed me!!!

And you can blog about non snow covered poo in your next blog (once you get home).

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

darlin said...

Sorry no time to read the entire blog tonight, I still have to post, have homework to get done and want to be in bed in 20 minutes, which is something I can't foresee transpiring so maybe I'll let the homework wait just one more day. My instructor won't have time to read all of the journals tomorrow! lol

Brrrr, now that's some serious snow, love the sheets and yes I did manage to read that they were on sale, why not just leave them for the next worker! Maybe not if you don't wash them until the end of June again though. Sorry but that's nasty! lol

Take care and suggestion is to take one photos a day and journal a bit on it, a Project 365. I have problems limiting myself to one photo some days but try to keep it at that whereas other days I have to scramble to come up with something!

Hope your shift went well, have a good nights sleep and take care!

Judy said...

Greentangle...Hate the Buckeyes too. Went to grad school there, so don't worry. You will get snow. It always snows here.
Hubby...miss you too!
Mr. Lonely...will check out your blog tomorrow.
Darlin...Get some sleep!

Judy said...

POD..I am sure there is poo at home that needs photographed.

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