Friday, May 21, 2010

Yellowstone Park is Being Invaded

I wish something exotic had happened today in Yellowstone Park so that I could have you all on the edge of your seats, holding your breath, waiting for the end of the tale.

Hopefully, you aren't holding your breath, cause you might pass out. This is as good as it got today.

Yes, there are still piles of snow here.

It was spitting snow when I went for a walk, but being a born again walker, I forged ahead.

The dogs are for my friend, Teresa, who is a dog groomer and for anyone else who happens to love them.

It's a white on white theme.

I like the twisted dead trees around here.

Dunno why.

I would love to have one in my front yard, but I hear it's a Federal offense to even take a pebble from Yellowstone Park.

I hope they don't check for the ones that stuck to my hiking shoes and are on the floor of my car.

You can't see Old Faithful anymore because of this.

Actually, you can see it, I just find tourists in funny clothes to be a distraction.

I was so tempted to take a picture of a huge butt crack on one of the tourists sitting on a bench, but I was afraid she would turn around and hurt me.

It was freezing today, and "they," the invaders, were wearing flip flops with their winter coats.  I am standing on my soap box right now.  If any of you come to Yellowstone Park, I must insist or even demand that you actually go see something besides Old Faithful.

Get out on a trail for heaven's sake!  It is said that 95% of tourists never get out of their cars.  They just clog the roads by pulling over every time they see a bison...sometimes they don't even pull over....just stop dead in the road.  They whip out cameras and tripods worth thousands of dollars...I am not impressed. 

There are trails here!  You don't need to buy fancy duds at Cabela's or L.L. Bean to impress anyone.  Jeans and a sweatshirt will do.  Good hiking shoes are a must because I will have to track you down and flog you if I see you in sandals.

This is the Old Faithful Lodge.  This is a beautiful place to sit inside, if the weather is bad, and watch Old Faithful go off.  There is an unobstructed view from the lounge.

The Old Faithful Inn, on the other hand, does not face Old Faithful.  That's a head scratcher.  A man designed it....need I say more.  All of the guests want a room with a view of Old Faithful, but there is none.  There are trees in the way and we don't cut down trees here.  My suggestion to the guests is "GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM!  IT IS RIGHT OUTSIDE!  Sorry about that.  Capital letters are annoying, but so are the guests sometimes.

I have the next two days off and the weather is supposed to be snowy, slushy, and yucky, but I have to get out of the room and see something.  I promise that I will get in trouble and take you along for the ride.

I haven't forgotten about the bison poo Christmas ornament contest.  Just trying to build some tension and anticipation.  Stay tuned for my exciting adventures from Yellowstone Park.  I think the blog will be better than the movie.


darlin said...

The dogs are beautiful! The tourists are tacky and no wonder so many are overweight if all the do is drive through the park, no wonder you get annoyed. It's their loss if they don't walk through the trails and never find your blog, they'll have missed it all. Snooze you loose!

No photos of butt cracks on fat women please, now that would be a huge turn off.

LOL ya only a man could have thought of that concept of no room with views!

I hope you enjoy your days off, I have 3 days off sort of... just a bit of homework, cleaning and cooking but all in good time.

Linda said...

Judy - a mutual Yellowstone 'survivor wanna be', Karen G posted a link to here from her blog...your entries are most entertaining - between your blog and Karen's I'm enjoying your experiences albeit from afar! Give her a hug from all of us back in FCPS...the 2 of you should be working together on the same shift!,.. now that blog entry would be a great read....
Take care,

Davine said...

Great post it gave me a good morning laugh. Yes it does seeem that the most normal people become strange aliens when they become tourists. I have to confess I think I may have become one at some stage of my travels too. I am really enjoying your Yellowstone storis.

Judy said...

Darlin...can't promise no butt cracks. Saw one go by on a bicycle today but couldn't get my camera out fast enough.
Linda...they are keeping Karen and I apart, but hope to see her soon to give her a hug.
Davine...Yes, I have probably been an ugly tourist in the past. Will try to be better in the future. If I ever leave home again!

Pat said...

There's actually a reason behind why OFI doesn't face the geyser. Reemer wanted people to see the geyser as they pulled up to the Inn (in their stagecoaches, at the time). And then of course they added the mezzanine off the 2nd floor so OFI guests could sit out and face the geyser.

I do agree with you that folks miss a lot when they don't get out and explore on foot.

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