Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who Works In Yellowstone National Park

I pause to reflect today on why people come to Yellowstone National Park to work.  There is the pleasant answer that everyone here loves nature.  If that was the case, I would see more employees with binoculars and cameras around their necks.

Those people are here.  Don't get me wrong.  Their reasons for loving the Park are pure and noble.  Their cars are covered in Park stickers.  They have the proper outdoor gear.  They even cross country ski.

And then there is everyone else.  I shouldn't even say this, but sometimes it looks like The Island of Doctor Moreau here.  If you've never seen the movie, consult Wikipedia...  Creepy film, so most of you should like it.  Order it up on Netflix next time you are at a loss for a movie to order.

You might want to skip Brando's version of the movie unless you are into watching really bad cinema.  What the heck.  Watch it with someone who loves to add their own dialogue to movies.  Everyone has one of those friends.  In this case, it's me.  Invite me over.

Anyway, there is a subculture of people here who appear to have escaped from Dr. Moreau's island.  It seems impossible that they were capable of finding their way here.   Maybe there is an underground railroad for them.  I don't know.

But when I reflect, I realize that this is the perfect place for people who do not fit in the outside world.  They are instructed on how to do their jobs, which are in most cases repetitive and simple.  Food and lodging are deducted from their bills to pay.  And for the most part, everyone just gets along.  On our isolated "island," the differences work.

Yellowstone is also good for people trying to clear their heads from the clutter of the outside world.  Widows, widowers, divorcees, and soon to be divorcee shave a wonderful opportunity to avoid being alone.  Someone is always planning a hike or a trip to West Yellowstone.  Everyone is invited.  No one is a third wheel like you are back home when the married couple asks you over for dinner because they feel sorry for you.  And friendships made here can last a lifetime.

There are many other groups on my "island."  Married couples, retired but not tired folks, the unemployed, the bucket list meet them all.  Personally, I am here to write and shake up my world.  Right now, I'm not getting in enough writing time because there is so much to do and there isn't much privacy.  I am getting better at writing even while my roommate is talking to herself or snoring. 

Thought you would like to know that the bison are here.

I missed them and their droppings.

I went out to see Old Faithful, but it didn't blow while I was there.

Too darn cold to wait around.

We had a pep rally tonight at the Old Faithful Inn.

We were introduced to all of the department heads and did some team spirit.

I think we need school colors and a mascot.  Perhaps the Pooping Bison.  We could have brown shirts....

Don't worry.  No animal dropping pictures this time.

Yawn...time for bed.  Where are the ear plugs?  Roomie is snoring the lines to a three act play I think.


Jennifer C. said...

Hi Judy. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks I work in the park too. This is my second summer. I'm at the Canyon gas station.

Aren't the people here interesting. I'm here because YNP was my very favorite summer vacation growing up and I always wanted to come back for work. I finally made it back after college, 5 years of work, and law school. Now I don't want to leave.

Joni said...

Thank you for your excellent blog - for your honesty and humor. Good Luck to you in this great adventure - I will be following and wishing you the best!

Judy said...

Thanks ladies, I hoped not to offend anybody with this post. I'm glad you both understand. The mix of people here is part of the charm.

Mike said...

Hi Judy. I'm back home now from Phoenix and all is well here. Useless Kitty is still alive. She just walks around meowing, probably wondering where your lap went. Your post reminds me of my 15 months and 8 days with Company A, 1st Battalion 60th Infantry (Mech), 172nd Infantry Brigade (Mech) in that we had a variegated group of men from all walks of life. The boozers, the druggies. the hippies, the hillbillies, the soul brothers, the surfers, the Yankees, the Rebels and our token gay guy. Being one of the few white guys in this Infantry unit, I got along with all of these characters, just as you are doing, because I might need their help when the shooting started! It's kind of scary now, 43 years later, to think that I was drinking with the mortar platoon until 4 am and they were firing over my head two hours later. Hang in there, Snoopy!

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