Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, Yellowstone Park: Part Three

So here we are, on the third day of Memorial Day Weekend at Yellowstone Park.  I have to work at 2:30.

What do we see in this picture, class?

Is there rain, sleet or snow?  No!  We have blue sunny Wyoming skies with moderate temperatures.

I'm not going to dwell this. I'm pouting, though, which isn't pretty on a woman my age.

I did go out this morning to try out my new Lands' End walking shoes.  I walked around the Old Faithful geyser basin area for a couple of miles and they passed the test.

I hadn't seen this geyser yet.  It's called the Grotto Geyser and I thought it was quite spectacular.

Another fantastic thing is that the tourists aren't out in the morning.  I walked in relative solitude.

Just me, the birds, the bears hiding in the woods, and the bubbling noises from the pools and geysers.

The Old Faithful Inn was looking quite attractive in the distance.

Breakfast was even good this morning.  You won't hear this from me often about the employee dining room.

They made breakfast sandwiches with croissants, ham, cheese, and real eggs. The yolk was just right and the cheese was melted.  Who stole our cooks and brought in McDonald's employees?  I could get used to this, but I'm not delusional.

Now, for disjointed thoughts in no particular order.

This thought kept me awake the other night.  My dorm room is a lot like being in a nursing home,.  It smells funny, my room mate keeps me awake at night, I have a single bed, there are strange noises in the hall, and the food is marginal.  At least I can still bathe myself.

David at Yellowstone Traders told me that quite a few tourists every season get care flighted out of here with heart attacks.  Listen up.  If you have breathing problems or heart problems, this may not be the place for you.  The elevation gets up to 8,000 feet in Yellowstone Park. Talk to your doctor first.  And don't try to act all macho on the trails.  You can wear the cool hiking clothes and muddy up your one will know the difference.  Also, don't forget your medicine.  Everything is 2 1/2 hours away here.  Really.  No running to Rite Aide or Wal-Mart.

Why is it that the weirdest employees at Old Faithful live in my dorm?  The foreign guy with the finger puppets lives here.  I will get his picture.

Time for me to go, so like the pig said...."That's all folks!"

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CherylK said...

Judy, you are so funny! I'm still trying to catch up on blog reading since I got home so I'm really, really far behind on yours...I think next week looks less busy for me (fingers crossed).

There is no way that I'd go walking with the possibility of bears appearing. Nope!

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