Friday, May 28, 2010

Post Cards From Yellowstone Park

I'm going to whine just a teeny bit about working in Yellowstone Park.  Don't judge me.  Don't turn away.  This is therapeutic for me.

First of all, it is raining, which means by the morning, it will be snow.

I have tomorrow off.

If the roads are passable, a phrase I never expected to say at the end of May, I'm going back to West Yellowstone to poke around.

This is the state of my affairs....a hole in my sock.

Roomie's socks still look pretty good.

Maybe I'll cut holes in them while she sleeps.

I'm feeling spiteful.  The snoring has pushed me to the edge of a dangerous cliff.

Remember my friend, Susan?  The one who said good bye to Yellowstone?

I called her tonight.  She's lounging on the beach in Biloxi.  She's going gambling later.

She thinks I should run away soon before the bears get me or before I go postal on someone.

Sniff, whine.

O.K., thanks for hanging in there.  I'm finished.

Now for some Yellowstone history.  Here are some real post cards from the 1900s.

This prim lady is spending quality time in one of the original rooms at the Old Faithful Inn.

The room still looks like this and I am as serious as a Sunday sermon.

The great great great grandchildren of the mice in this room are still there.  And again, I am serious.

This picture from the late 1800's shows tourists at a bear feed.

I'm wondering how many of them made it back to camp with all of their limbs attached.

There was a geyser water swimming pool around 1914.  Water was pumped in from one of the geysers.

The life guard sat on a 25 foot tower and swung from a rope, Tarzan style, to reach the other end of the pool.

Employee housing was in there also.  I'm sure it was damp, hot and noisy.  Nothing has changed.

Starting in the late 1890's, employees entertained guests at night around the campfire.

Don't even go there....I will draw a line in the sand.

They even made up cute camp songs.  This one was to the tune of O' My Darling Clementine.

There's a camp up in the mountains
With the fir trees all about.
Years ago they named it Faithful,
It's the best without a doubt.
Cheer for Faithful, cheer for Faithful.
She's the finest of them all.
Here we live just like a savage,
From the Spring until the Fall.

At least we're not savages anymore.

Well, it's time for me and my rubber chicken to say good night.

Don't worry, hubby.  I'll try to clean up some before you come to take me away from Yellowstone.


yogurt said...

So the moral of this story is, come to Yellowstone but don't stay toooo long. I think your writing is hilarious. Oh, and as for your deserter friend in Biloxi? Any minute now that great (disastrous) oil spill should be ruining her good time.

yogurt said...

And I also wanted to say, I would find it pretty depressing to be somewhere, where, over Memorial weekend you had to worry about snow. But I bet your summers are beautiful.

darlin said...

LOL my how Yellowstone has changed your appearance! Now if the rooms still looked like that I'd want to spend a few nights, anything more than that and I'd get all squirrely! The countdown is on, how many more sleeps?

Take care and enjoy that well deserved day off Judy!

Judy said...

Let's see, hubby is coming out on the 19th of June,so he will be here for a week and then we'll leave. It feels like May will never be over.
I hope to see some of the warm weather before I leave. The forecast for the week is rain and more rain. Blah. Spring time in Yellowstone, I guess.

Mike said...

Hi Judy. All your peeps at the Flea ambushed me this morning when I got in asking when you were coming back, including lovely Teresa (our favorite nut lady), Vickie, Cinderella, Katherine, Walter, Tony, Colonel Tranh, Marcie, Carl, Clyde and Laurie. I gave them the update and Marcie will work the store for three weekends which will give us plenty of time to work our way back. Only hit 88 with a little humidity. Have a good day off!

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