Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Walks in Yellowstone Park

It was one of those mornings.  You have all had them.

I was lounging around, talking to hubby on the phone when I glanced down at my work schedule.

Egads!  It was almost 7 a.m. and I was to be at work at the Old Faithful Inn at 7 a.m.!

I had read my schedule wrong.  Easy to do, I tell my aging brain, when your time changes every day.

I jumped into my uniform and made a dash to the Inn.

On the way, a little gray haired lady almost ran me over with her bike.

She could really move.

She gave me a big smile as she rang her bell.

I made it to work, unharmed by bison or speeding vehicles.

I truly love living in Yellowstone Park, but this working thing is annoying.

An hour into my shift, my 20 something supervisor called me into her office.  Double egads. What had I done?  Would I get fired from my $7.75 an hour job for putting a key in the wrong slot?

"You clocked in from lunch 3 minutes early," she said.  "Really," I said.  "Does this mean I will do some Federal time?"  I find it hard to take things like this seriously, in case you hadn't noticed.  They didn't haul me away in cuffs.  I returned to work wondering why I was even concerned about getting in trouble here.

After work, I strolled down the road that runs in front of my dorm.

The Yellowstone Park rangers and other full time staff have some nice digs.

This looked like an upscale vacation condo.

This appeared to be an actual house. 

There were several more down the road with hammocks and clothes lines.

People live somewhat normal lives here it seems. 

They have satellite dishes....can you believe that on this street in Yellowstone Park, people are watching "Dancing With The Stars?"  It seems wrong somehow.

When I finally caught up with the children, we decided to go for a hike.

It always feels like you are walking through a Christmas tree farm around here.

Except that a bear might be around the corner.

That doesn't happen much back home.

Older son didn't want his picture taken.

Just make mother go away, please.

But I am the Mama and I can move pretty fast when necessary.

He's a handsome boy.

There was a grizzly wait....just the younger son in pursuit of a bird.

I think it was a robin, but I didn't want to burst his bubble. 

Tomorrow is a day off for me and back on the road again.  The older son has to go to Gardiner, which is just outside the park, to sign in at the human resources office.  At least this time I will have excellent company.

After we get back, he will be moving to his location at Grant Village.  I am optimistic that there will be some great photos from this excursion.

I have been checking out some of the items in the gift shops at Yellowstone.  It is time for a contest.  Stay tuned and you may have the opportunity to win a bison poo Christmas ornament.  It is environmentally friendly and oh so attractive.  Your friends will be jealous. 


Mike said...

A contest sounds like a good idea. When I was stationed in Alaska for 15 months and 8 days, we had a pool going on when the ice would break up in the Inlet and also when the first snow would fall (like in August!). Thinking that you should expand the pool that the children have started as to how long you'll stay to your readers. Call it the "Judy Bailout" since we're still waiting for our Obama Bailout. The reader who correctly guesses your last day wins the coveted prize. What do you think, Judy? And readers, how about you?

Davine said...

Bison Poo Christmas Ornament!!! Now that gets my imagination working.

POD said...

Any kind of poo! What a treat. I am doubly-jealous.
Great post. Love the hiding son. haha

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